0% Tricks, 100% Treats: Top Salesforce Articles of October

Happy Halloween! Going with the holiday’s tradition of putting on costumes, Rainforce has decided to try something slightly different. This month’s roundup of top Salesforce articles contains little-to-no “tips”, or “tricks”; no helpful one-liners, VisualForce formulas or anything in that fashion. Instead, I’ve dedicated this month’s roundup to other types of articles: opinion pieces, interviews, and Salesforce philosophies. Ok, maybe I let a couple of tips slip by… but “4% tricks 96% treats” isn’t that good of a headline. Enjoy!

1. KISS: Keep It Simple (with) Salesforce

Kicking off our list is this great article by Brian Buckley Smith, focusing on one single rule that will allow you to use Salesforce’s declarative interface to its full potential- Keep It Simple.  

2. A Nightmare on Org Street: How to Scare Your New Salesforce Administrator

Well I had to include at least one Halloween-themed article, right? Christian Belko takes you on a tour through the haunted house that is a mature, undocumented, Salesforce org. Don’t worry though, the guy’s a total Salesforce Ghostbuster!  

3. Dreaming in Concrete and Einstein’s Lunch

When Stephen Cummins, owner of the largest Salesforce LinkedIn group (50K members and counting!) sits down to write an article, he produces essays of unmatched quality. This time he works his way from tackling the Twitter acquisition ordeal (with some surprising insights) to the new, refreshing new horizon that Salesforce’s new AI, Einstein, offers its users. photo-1441034281545-78296c3a6934-1

4. Salesforce Users-Who are you, really?

This surprising short piece by John Bara gives you an inside look into the “digital DNA” of Salesforce users with the help of predictive analytics, and offers some surprising facts you might have not expected, that will help you better understand the many uses of Salesforce.  

5. INTERVIEW Sharon Forder on the launch of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Dreamforce ’16 was packed with exciting moments and announcements, but Salesforce’s announcement the of the new Commerce Cloud was surely one of the top highlights. To dig deeper into what Commerce Cloud means fro Salesforce users, Internet Retailing’s Chloe Rigby sat down with Commrce Cloud’s Senior Marketing Director, Sharon Forder.  

6. 3 Signs It’s Time to Switch Salesforce Jobs

Sometimes, letting go feels way too hard that it actually is. Changing your mindset, especially regarding your day job, can be incredibly difficult, even if you’re not really having a good time at work. So how do you decide if it’s the right time to move on? In comes Sarah Bratman’s great little article and offers you 3 easy tips to see if it’s ‘that moment’, or just a phase.  

7. Steps for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Here’s where I let some “tips” slip into this otherwise non-traditional roundup. But to my defense, I can say that this short article brings up some truly surprising tips and points for thought that you might not find in other Salesforce implementation how-to’s. Good job Mark Schadt!  

8. Halloween Infographic: Scary Salesforce Integrations

Channeling the spirit of Halloween, I thought there’s no better post to raise from the dead than Torrent Consulting’s super awesome infographic that helped you fight off all of the scary Salesforce integrations on last year’s holiday!    
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