18 Salesforce Influencers you should definitely follow on Twitter

Need some inspiration? Wish to expand your knowledge of Salesforce? Looking for sources for great content that’s relevant for what you’re doing? You’ve come to the right place. Twitter is a great place for sharing your thoughts and connecting with new people, but it can also be an awesome source for Salesforce knowledge! Many Salesforce MVPs have very active Twitter accounts, providing awesome insights and often offering entertaining content as well. Here are 18 of my personal favorites who are definitely worth following: Enjoy, and check out this solution to help you put and end to Salesforce use.

1. Mike Gerholdt

One of the most well-known Salesforce influencers, Mike offers tons of great pro tips from his blog Buttonclickadmin.com. s

2. Ben McCarthy

AKA Salesforce Ben- awesome blogger and super dedicated to the cause of making Salesforce master out of his ever-growing audience.  

3. Jenny Bamber

Author of ‘Jenny’s Admin Tips’ on Desynit.com. Posts highly relevant tips and trick very frequently.  

4. Roy Gilad

Salesforce MVP and WalkMe’s expert for everything Salesforce, Roy offers great tips, articles and sometimes even video walkthroughs.  

5. Tal Frankfurt

Founder and CEO of Cloud 4 Good, cloud tech expert and master of all things non-profit!  

6. Salesforce Wizard- Brian Kwong

Editor-in-chief of the Wizard News blog, Brian updates his blog’s account with all sorts of Salesforce awesomeness: posts, videos guides and podcasts.  

7. Stephen Cummins

AppSelekt CEO and owner of the largest Salesforce group on LinkedIn, Stephen is a walking library of Salesforce, B2B and SaaS content- and his posts educated and inspired me more than once.  

8. David Giller

Salesforce consultant, Trainer and Blogger of great stuff.  

9. Brent Downey

AKA Admin Hero, Brent blogs mostly for Salesforce admins, and offers weekly updates of quality tips in his posts.  

10. David Liu

Salesforce MVP and creator of the Apex Academy- an online crash course for coding Apex in Salesforce. Highly recommended.  

11. Phil Walton

MVP, Consultant, Speaker… This guy does it all, and his weekly Salesforce tips are super useful!  

12. SteveMo

Does he really need an introduction…!?  

13. Jim Gentile

With 160K followers, this automation champion frequently shares inspirational quotes, success stories and good Salesforce reads.  

14. Bill Greenhaw

Vertiba’s Senior Salesforce Consultant and MVP lives and breathes Salesforce, and shares tons of great Salesforce knowledge on a daily basis.  

15. Kristi Guzman

Kristi’s posts are so fun to read! Lots of great from this MVP, be it retweets, links, or simple yet powerful tips.  

16. Geraldine Gray

“Nerd with a British accent”, as she describes, but also a Salesforce MVP, Consultant and Solutions Architect, Geraldine shares great Salesforce insights and tips.  

17. Zachary Jeans

Zachary is a top social influencer who often shares great Salesforce content. Scroll down his profile and you’re bound to find other great accounts to follow, as he’s literally connected to thousands of hundreds of Salesforce MVPs, influencers and bloggers.  

18. Adam Seligman

Salesforce’s SVP of Developer and Admin relations and the guy who brought us Trailhead. ‘Nuff Said.   What do you think of my list? Is there anyone I’ve missed?
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.