5 Companies to Follow Up on from Dreamforce 2013

Companies that attended this event talked about the newest projections for their companies and also what they plan on doing next. They also talked about the release of any new products or services they plan to offer. I love this because you have something to look forward to and to anticipate from new companies and companies you may already know about. There are a handful of companies that you will definitely want to catch up on if you missed them this year. Check them out below: WalkMe: WalkMe is a company that is focusing on minimizing the costs that companies must ladle out to fix customer training, support and experience. The company offers a technology that allows website owners and also software developers to create an on-screen and interactive guide. This guide is designed to be user friendly and also very quick to use. This program will allow companies to not only save time but also save money. WalkMe is an effective solution because it allows you to receive instructions right on your screen that are precise and clear. You never have to worry about navigating to other webpages or waiting for videos to load. I liked this session because the onscreen visuals were bright and also showed exactly what the company was about. You were able to see the effectiveness of the program and watch how it worked. If you are in need of a new way to present ideas and training programs, check this company out. I know I will be. Vana Workforce: This company leads the market with human capital software and the solutions and services that go along with it. The company provides human capital management solutions to organizations across the globe. They handle services which include benefits, compensations, workforce collaboration, performance management and much more. They are definitely a helping hand when it comes to business and they really showed this in the presentation I attended. Make sure you check them out and see if they can help you and your business. Insightera: If you missed seeing Insightera, you will definitely want to find out about them. They are a marketing company that helps other businesses with all of their marketing needs. We all could use help with that, right? They are able to provide recommendations, targeted advertising to help gain your company more business, and also help design your website for you. In addition to these services, they also offer analysis to keep track of what is going on with your company and data enrichment so that you can always stay on top of your customers. I found Insightera to be a very helpful company because they offer services that many businesses need. A lot of times businesses either have a great marketing strategy or no marketing strategy. You can delegate your marketing over to them and sit back as they help you design a plan for your business’s needs. Trifecta Technologies: Trifecta Technologies offers businesses with IT solutions. They have been in business for over 22 years and have a proven record of success in the industry. They pride themselves on their experience and the love they have for their jobs. This company offers support for mobile app development, social development, cloud services, and much more. You can rely on this company to handle all of your IT needs that you cannot do on your own. Trifecta has been listed as one of America’s fastest growing companies and also one of the best places to work in PA. I found this company presentation to be one of the best. IT problems can delay a company’s whole production and if you have a team of experts on your side, say goodbye to long down times and lost revenues. Tenrox: Tenrox is a company that is offering different solutions to companies to help them out with their business. They offer both Cloud PSA and Cloud PPM solutions to their customers. They call themselves the only solution to your business’ workflow driven project and also service delivery. The interface that Tenrox offers to its customers is easy to use and allows them to interact and keep track of all of the updates along the way. All of these companies appeared at Dreamforce 2013 and showcased their abilities and spoke about the benefits of their companies. If you missed out on these great companies I just listed then you should follow up on them because they all offer benefits to help your company grow.
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