5 Salesforce Articles You Can’t Afford to Miss

Welcome to another monthly roundup of the must-read articles by the best in our field! A lot has happened this month, the first month of the year, and there’s a lot to catch up on. In order to save you precious time going through the trouble of looking for the right articles to read, I have summarized the 5 most important articles of the month. Enjoy!  

Salesforce Announces Latest Lightning CRM Release with SteelBrick Integration

On February 3rd, at a big presentation in San Francisco, Salesforce announced a new version of the Lightning CRM platform that includes built-in Wave analytics, intelligent email from its RelateIQ purchase in July, 2014 and configure-price-quote features from its SteelBrick acquisition at the end of last year. In addition, the company announced a new built-in phone tool which allows sales people to make a call directly from Salesforce. It may not give it the power of Skype for Business just yet, but it’s a sign that they could be going after that market too at some point. This functionality is built into the application using Twilio’s Voice API.  

7 Ways Salesforce Professionals Can Increase Their Salary

Thomas Roberts shares some interesting secrets in this Salesforce Ben post, to help Salesforce pros like yourselves get the raise they deserve. So what can you do, you ask? Roberts recommends acquiring additional skills, such as project management or specialist apps like FinancialForce. He also recommends getting the coveted Salesforce certification, being at the right place at the right time, and more.

4 Disastrous Salesforce Training Mistakes

In today’s brave new world, companies can display breathtaking efficiency and rapidly rise to the top, or they can flounder in the tepid waters of mediocrity. It all depends on how quickly they adapt to the times and correct their mistakes. As more businesses adopt Salesforce to manage customer relations, companies must learn how to effectively train their employees on the new system. Yet as popular as the software has become, Salesforce adoption comes with its own set of challenges. In this post, we take a look at 4 Salesforce training mistakes that business should avoid.  

 Can Salesforce Community Cloud Solve App Fatigue?

Collaboration software is often touted as the answer to companies’ efficiency and communication woes. But bringing Facebook-like tools to the enterprise can fall flat. Communicating with co-workers isn’t the same as reconnecting with old friends online… As a result, adoption of collaboration platforms has been slow, to say the least. Join Lauren Horwitz as she examines the Salesforce Community Cloud’s capability of overcoming these challenges.  

Will 2016 Be Salesforce.com’s Worst Year Yet?

Over past decade, Salesforce has become the poster company for cloud computing while multiplying revenue from just $176.4 million in fiscal 2005 to $5,373.6 million last year, a 30-fold increase, according to S&P Capital IQ. Join Tim Beyers as he examines the Salesforce stock’s great success, while acknowledging 3 things that could derail it in 2016, like the management failing to meet or top estimates in two consecutive quarters.
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