Any Company Can Quickly Create Its Own Fully Customizable App Marketplace by Salesforce

Salesforce delivered AppExchange Store Builder, enabling any company create its own app marketplace. Today, more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies have built business apps that in many cases are distributed through a variety of consumer app stores. Yet, these stores do not always meet the needs of businesses, who want customized branding, centralized support across multiple device platforms, and the ability to manage and deliver apps directly to users. With AppExchange Store Builder, companies can create a marketplace for customers, partners and employees. “We are spending time in apps that we once spent in a web browser. Every company has an imperative to deliver mission-critical apps to their constituents,” said Pam Miller, research director, IDC. content Many businesses still struggle with the final stages of building apps and channels to distribute them. AppExchange Store Builder makes it easy for companies to create a single destination to distribute mobile, web and desktop apps to customers, partners and employees. New app storefronts can be completely customized to give all end-users a consistent brand experience. Companies can create a single destination for their end-users to download all of the business apps they need, including third-party apps and apps for various device platforms, such as Android, iOS and Windows. AppExchange Store Builder is generally available today at no cost to existing Salesforce customers. Additional users require Customer Community licenses, which are available starting at $5 per user per month.  
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