Salesforce Email To Case Implementation Guide

The Salesforce email to case function allows you to manage incoming and outgoing emails from clients who require support. This function automates cases that arise from each inquiry, in order to ensure that the right agent addresses the problem as quickly as possible. Keep in mind the following points to use the Salesforce Email to

How to Add Products in Salesforce – Salesforce Products and Price Books

The following Adding products to Salesforce tutorial will teach you step by step how to add products in Salesforce. It’s really a rather simple process, and involves two primary steps – setting up a price book, and then defining the product itself. One caveat to bear in mind is that this level of customization is

How to Get Salesforce Session ID

  A Salesforce Session ID is what refers to each Record in the back end of the program. Essentially, it is what Salesforce uses to track all of your records. It is similar to a key field in any database management system.   Make all Salesforce tasks easier than ever by using WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance.

How to Merge Contacts in Salesforce Step by Step

  Being organized is important in doing just about everything, but having organized contacts in Salesforce will provide you with an easier time using the program.   Learning how to merge contacts in Salesforce will allow you to be able to locate the contacts quickly.  It will be efficient to your business. It is inevitable

Map Class in Salesforce

On Salesforce, the term “map” refers to a set of key value pairs, meaning that it can govern data ranging from primitive data, Apex objects, sObjects, among others. When it comes to skillfully using Salesforce map methods, there is an abundance of options.   With just the touch of a key, a map can be

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 10.5 Commandments of Salesforce Users

Infographics are a great learning tool; they help information sink in a little better, and that certain thing we’ve heard countless times before but never got our heads around it, can finally be processed properly with a visual aid. A good infographic demands more creative input in the presentation of information to make it instantly

Salesforce Looking To Invest $50 Million in Startups

  Salesforce will now be investing $50 million into startups that use its Lightning app-building platform, otherwise known as the Lightning Fund. The company’s VC branch, Salesforce ventures will be managing this fund. This is in hopes that Salesforce will be able to foster an ecosystem of applications that use its cloud-computing platform.   In

April’s Top Salesforce Articles

This month’s roundup has some of the best articles I’ve read in a while! most are short, informative and creatively written, but I’ve also included a couple of longer articles that thoroughly cover important issues. these articles were chosen carefully to create a list that will benefit both Administrators and Developers. Hope I did a

February’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles & Posts

February was a great month for interesting Salesforce-related content! I think this month’s list is the most well rounded, well balanced ‘Best Of’ I’ve compiled yet. HOORAY! But seriously now, I hope you’ll learn from these expert opinions as much as I have.   1. A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for

How to be Successful with Salesforce Lightning Experience

For years, sales representatives have used Salesforce’s productivity suite in their daily routine. It’s been a godsend for employees who have found themselves swamped with a busy schedule, new leads, too many accounts and contacts, or a flat out excess of data. Now, Salesforce has updated the software with Salesforce Lightning Experience, a streamlined, flexible