Xero Vs QuickBooks Online From a Salesforce Perspective

Online Accounting Software Salesforce started 15 years ago and boldly forged a new path, convincing people to trust the cloud with their Sales & CRM software. Accounting, more conservative and risk averse, has taken a lot longer to appear on the cloud. Xero limited itself to the New Zealand market until it entered the Australian

GREAT VIDEO: Salesforce Power of One Tutorial

The Power of One is one of the most revered formulas in Salesforce. It brilliantly solves one of the biggest problem with Salesforce reports- the user’s inability to distinguish account types (i.e.  Users, Accounts, Opportunities…) within the grand total of records. Without the ability to tell one from the other, your only chance of making

Effective Salesforce Training Guidelines

Managing customers without the implementation of proper tools is a difficult endeavor. Seeing that the main objective is to make them purchase what is being offered, the life cycle of this kind of a relationship becomes complicated, not until the business owner discovers an efficient way of analyzing and managing interactions in such a way

How to Use Salesforce at Benefit

Salesforce CRM software is designed to help businesses build and maintain good relationships with their existing and current customers. This software has undergone a lot of transformations in a bid to improve its service delivery and reliability. From its improvement and evolution standpoint, the software can now be used to find leads and follow up

The Importance of a Salesforce Developer Account

An application for your business can be a great idea to stay connected to your users 24/7 and also to get many clients attracted towards your business. Moreover with the ever-rising popularity of the Smartphones, apps are nowadays more preferable than that of a website. Thus having an app for your own business can be

Discover the Benefits of Salesforce Training

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Training? Salesforce training is no different from other business trainings, although it is often an overlooked aspect of a typical Salesforce rollout. This is because most organizations operate on a shoestring budget and have to ignore some of the important business processes to operate within the tight resources. Benefits

Introduce for Salesforce CRM and Discover Exactly What is Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a software that runs on the cloud and it offers Customer Relationship Management services to an organization. There are a number of applications that are used for the CRM in organizations. So, what is Salesforce? It is a cloud-based tool that helps in the CRM. What is Salesforce CRM and How Can its

Who to follow on Twitter before Dreamforce #DF14

With Dreamforce now just weeks away, we hope that you have already bookmarked NewVoiceMedia’s Dreamforce site. You can also connect with all the best influencers and insiders on Twitter before-hand, to make sure you get the most out of your experience. With so much content available and 130,000 attendees anticipated, which tweeters are most worthy