Work Hard, Then Give Back: An Interview With MVP Phil Walton

(cue Terminator theme, spice up with a light Austrian accent) This month, we’ve got one of the busiest Salesforce MVPs out there. Between owning a successful consultancy, writing an influential blog and leading 3 user groups with finesse that very few can match, Phil Walton has indeed earned his place as a Salesorce MVP and

Salesforce in Numbers – What You May Not Know

It’s no secret that Salesforce keeps growing exponentially- both in users and in its influence on the CRM world, but this brilliant infographic by Algoworks might surprise even the most devout Salesforce believer.   For example: 54% of companies surveyed for this infographic have been using Salesforce for less than 2 years. That’s an amazing

[Infographic] How to Harness the Potential of Salesforce CRM

There’s a feeling of strange déjà vu in the air. You’ve seen this post before… haven’t you? It’s an infographic, about Salesforce implementation, its headline suggests reading it will help you make the most out of your newly acquired platform, promising X simple steps to victory. Well, dear reader- you’re almost right. Because this is

WalkMe SuperEdit: Finally, Inline Editing on Salesforce Reports!

Salesforce is a powerful tool but it is far from perfect. One such imperfection I hear of quite often is the hassle of editing record details while viewing reports.   As it stands now, if you’re looking at a report and want to change any detail of a record–which happens a lot–you have to navigate

VIDEO: How to Evaluate Your Organization for Salesforce Lightning Readiness

Looking to improve your Salesforce experience? Maximize your users’ productivity? Heard the talk about this ‘Lightning’ thingy, but unsure if it’s the right thing for your company? This video is for you.   In this short yet effective guide, Salesforce MVP Sharif Shaalan shows you how to evaluate your organization for Lightning readiness. It’s a

Nectar of the (Salesforce) Gods: Top 20 Salesforce Articles of 2016!

Wow, 2016 was one intense year! Tons of new Salesforce features, enabled through Benioff’s many acquisitions (Krux, DemandWare, Quip…) and lots of innovative and exciting new frontiers (The Einstein AI, Commerce Cloud…)  made it to be a busy yet very inspiring year to be a Salesforce blogger. So, to end this interesting year on a

Cloudy with a Chance of Rain: Best Salesforce Articles of November

Winter is here! And with it, a rain of fresh new Salesforce articles comes pouring down right to your browser’s front door. This month’s list of top 8 Salesforce articles and posts continues the diverse line we’ve had for the past couple of months, and expands the variety even to territories not yet explored in

WalkMe’s New Salesforce SuperTool Makes Searching MUCH More Effective

How many times have you found yourself short on time at work? I assume the answer is “every day.”   Working with Salesforce requires sifting through a lot of information in a short time span and, in many cases, juggling between various responsibilities. This is why we’re constantly looking for simple solutions that’ll help us

0% Tricks, 100% Treats: Top Salesforce Articles of October

Happy Halloween! Going with the holiday’s tradition of putting on costumes, Rainforce has decided to try something slightly different. This month’s roundup of top Salesforce articles contains little-to-no “tips”, or “tricks”; no helpful one-liners, VisualForce formulas or anything in that fashion. Instead, I’ve dedicated this month’s roundup to other types of articles: opinion pieces, interviews,

[PREZI] The Silent Killer: Salesforce Training Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

No one wants to make Salesforce training mistakes, especially costly ones. However, before trying to avoid them, we should probably take a step back and recognize what they are…   For companies large and small, Salesforce has become the lifeline for sales and customer relations management. But, with any other software, there’s a training stage,