Drive Productivity with These 5 Salesforce Apps

  When Salesforce is a tool that you are using every day, it definitely pays to be able to use it efficiently and effectively. Luckily, there are several resources that help drive both productivity and knowledge of the platform to make users feel more at ease with using the system as part of their daily

Hiring a Salesforce Admin? Here’s What You Need to Know

  As we all know, managing a company-wide Salesforce implementation is no walk in the park.   Depending on the number of users and the various complexities of the platform, it can be a lot to keep up with. Hiring a Salesforce administrator may be just the right answer.   Let WalkMe help you use

Why Salesforce Training is Important: The Unbiased Picture

  Regarded as the first, largest and most influential SaaS company, Salesforce ultimately offers just two functions for businesses: workflow and reporting. Unfortunately, both functions can be useless and misleading if the sales team is not properly trained in the first place. For all its capability, Salesforce is only as valuable as the end user

[Infographic] 10 Salesforce Stats Every User Should Know

Salesforce’s true power lies in its flexibility. This unique characteristic is one of the main reasons for Salesforce’s dominance in the CRM market, and also the reason why so many users completely fall in love with it; The feeling that you’re using a platform with endless possibilities, whether it’s integration, customization or efficient training. This

It’s All About the Community: An Interview with Eric Dreshfield

Welcome to the second installment of MVP TALK!   This time, we’re going to dig deeper into every aspect of Salesforce from the technical to the philosophical. So hold on tight, and welcome Apptus’ Eric Dreshfield! Ready? let’s go.   Hi, Eric! tell us a bit about yourself, what were you up to before working

Everything Is Possible, Just Try: An Interview with SharinPix CEO Jean Michel Mougeolle

I’M SO EXCITED!   This post marks the beginning of an amazing new journey for this blog.   Rainforce is about to dig deeper into the Salesforce community than ever before, with one single goal in mind: to deliver high-quality, thought provoking, awe-inspiring words of wisdom from the very best in the business. Announcing a

Follow Along – Salesforce’s Success Story

$52 Billion. Did I get your attention?   That’s what Salesforce’s Market Capitalization is worth as of 2016. The company has become one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies in the U.S, but like most companies, it had humble beginnings.   The Salesforce info-graphic below highlights the company’s birth 15 years ago in

Why Salesforce’s First Major Dreamforce ’16 Announcement Is Huge News For Developers

No one can beat Salesforce when it comes to kicking off events with a blast, and this time, the blast is aimed at Salesforce Developers; The CRM giant has just unveiled Salesforce DX, a fresh and exciting experience for Developers, in which partners can continuously deliver innovative apps faster than ever. Salesforce DX enables Developers

WAIT, WHAT!? Are These Pics From Dreamforce or Coachella Music Festival?

Some people attend Dreamforce in order to promote their company. Some attend to learn new skills, and some try to do both. Has anyone ever attended Dreamforce in order to party hard? Probably not, but the “festival” vibes are undeniable.The whole thing feels like a massive party- a celebration of all things Salesforce. Eventually, even the most

Double or Nothing:  August’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Good things come in pairs! August’s list of top eight Salesforce articles and posts has a special concept this time: I chose to take 4 topics and explore each with two articles so that each article covers a different aspect… one of these topics was actually pretty new for me as well. I guess you