A Salesforce Admin’s Life In 9 GIFs

Yes, dear friends and readers. Yes. I went there.   When a certain GIF manages to capture “that moment” accurately, the results are hilarious- and personally I just can’t get enough of them. So, in honor of awesome-short-looped-videos, I decided to go full-Buzzfeed in this one: this is Rainforce’s take on the site’s infamous GIF posts-

5 Steps to Reversing your Salesforce Training Fortune

“CRM projects fail for a variety of reasons. In the North American market, a recent study estimates that over half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives.” –CRMsolution.com. This stunningly high failure rate can be largely attributed to inefficient+ or non-existent training programs. So you’ve taken on a great new hire. They are

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: May’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Are you ready to learn something new? This month’s roundup of awesome articles and posts will take you by surprise. It’s full of eye-opening insights, brilliant tips and great influencers to follow and broaden your knowledge even more. Enjoy!   1. 5 powerful ways to supercharge any Salesforce project Kicking off this month’s list is Scott

6 Ways to Knock Salesforce Training Out of the Park

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius Salesforce training should be understood as a process, not as an isolated incident during the initial onboarding stage. Just because an employee has finished initial training doesn’t mean they have a perfect understanding of a software platform. Someone

18 Salesforce Influencers you should definitely follow on Twitter

Need some inspiration? Wish to expand your knowledge of Salesforce? Looking for sources for great content that’s relevant for what you’re doing? You’ve come to the right place. Twitter is a great place for sharing your thoughts and connecting with new people, but it can also be an awesome source for Salesforce knowledge! Many Salesforce

[INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC] Putting Wearables to Work

Last year I covered the launch of Salesforce’s Apple Watch app, with the headline asking whether it’s good for business or a source for problems and confusion. Now, it seems that Salesforce wishes to answer this question! With an absolutely stunning interactive infographic, Salesforce unveils data from its recent report on the increase in use

Salesforce Launches Government Cloud Lightning to Improve UX

The CRM giant, Salesforce has just launched their new innovative platform for government agencies. The platform is called Government Cloud Lightning and is aimed to give government agencies and contractors a better, more intuitive user experience. The goal is to allow these users to the ability to connect with “citizens, employees, partners and suppliers in

Salesforce Lightning Experience

A Video Comparison: Transition to Salesforce Lightning Experience Salesforce Lightning Experience has been with us for a while, and got extensive coverage in this blog- even including a quick introduction video by Mr. Roy Gilad. Nevertheless, it’s always great to learn more and as this blog’s purpose is to give you the best Salesforce tips

How to Get the Most Out of Salesforce Custom Buttons

Salesforce’s custom buttons are great for improving the user’s experience. However, what we have seen is that these buttons are underutilized and often misunderstood or ignored. Let’s change that shall we? Simple buttons can be used to link objects together. The more complicated custom buttons can help to pre-populate different fields on new records or

Tracking Mass Emails In Salesforce

With all leads and contacts information kept centrally in the Salesforce crm tutorial, it is only natural to use the native mass emails in Salesforce functionality. This particular feature has been primarily designed to fully leverage this CRM application’s infrastructure to offer efficient communications with both leads and contacts. Let us now take a closer