8 Steps to a Smooth Transition to Salesforce Lightning

There are a lot of Lightning puns that could be used to introduce this topic. To name a few, “Salesforce lightning is going to strike,” “Don’t let Salesforce lightning strike before you’re ready,” or “Salesforce lightning is here, are you prepared to weather the storm?”   But unfortunately, none of these puns explain that this

Salesforce MVP Roy Gilad’s Tip of the Month

Naming conventions are very common in the domain of programming , but you should definitely start use naming convention in your Declarative logic as well.  This will keep things organized and help your peers know where everything stands. The way I found best for naming declarative tools: Workflow, Process Builder, Filed Update and even an

My Insights from the Latest Salesforce User Group Meetup

If you haven’t attended Salesforce user group meetups, and you use Salesforce on a daily basis, I definitely advise you to start. When you are in a room filled only with people that really know and love this platform called Salesforce, the real treats come out, including the best use cases, the worst mistakes to

Salesforce Managers: Get the Raise You Deserve in 7-Easy Steps

  How do you show your superiors that you deserve a promotion? Here are my 7 best tips for Salesforce Managers who are looking to get a promotion this year. These tips touch upon how to manage Salesforce usage, time management, how to make the “biggest splash” with minimal complexity, and how to expand your

[Video Tutorial] Increase Employee Engagement with Salesforce Branding

Increasing employee engagement often seems like a never ending task. It requires your attention and care at a variety of fields in both your employees’ physical and virtual workplace. It also requires your brand to have a significant presence in their daily routine. To do so, you must zoom in on every small detail your

A Guide To Your Lightning Experience NEW Salesforce

The launch of Lightning Experience, Salesforce’s new user interface and user experience, was revealed yesterday and comes after multiple years of development. Lightning Experience’s foundation is built on creating a great user experience, and it is loaded with new User Interface and features as well, aimed mostly to increase Sales productivity. Lightning Experience will become