Business Achievements by Using Assets in Salesforce

A salesforce is nothing but the functional or the convenient way of keeping the track record of the customer assets and manage them in a proper way. There are a different number of aspects that has to be considered while doing so and also the functions you perform should meet the business requirements. When you want to know which customer has what product, this is the right way of finding the information. An asset allows the customer to know the specific information about the product they actually have. In the sales force you can track the records of the asset by knowing the Asset Name. However, by the default method, asset’s names have to be filled manually by the user who actually created the asset under his or her name. But the problem is the field Asset Name will be over populated with this conventional method of data entry which is also an inconsistent job. Hence, in order to avoid this problem you have to customize the setting to auto-populate the names in the data base. This helps largely for the huge business sectors and this works on the professional Edition. There are also Unlimited and Enterprise Editions as well. How to access the assets in the salesforce? You can find the asset object in the sales force tab. You can view them only when you go into the products and then click on the asset view, you can see the asset. Also you can run the report to view the name. In order to maintain some confidentiality and privacy these settings are installed. You can also add the custom object to the sales force application that helps you to manage the assets. Why do you need sales force back up? In the recent time there are a huge number of different companies and brands who fighting for the number one position in their field is increasing day by day. Hence the global nature of business is also changing with time. It is with the help of sales force they can reach the top position. But, the companies have to completely depend on the sales force for their services. All their business depends on the information contained in the sales force. Hence it is important for any company or the business sector to have the sales force backup. It can save your day for sure. It by using asset in the sales force you can gear up to top position. Assets in the sales force: The problem with the asset object is that they do not support the record types. You will have to form a layout such that, all the different various different asset objects or the equipments will have different fields and pick list values. This can be achieved only by customizing the sales force application. Also you need to create an all new custom object in order to keep the track record of the assets. Remember that if tracking changes then all the individual fields have to be changed. Although this sounds less complicated you can make the work simple with the help of Service cloud or the Leverage Entitlements. Additional information regarding objects is available on how to create a custom object in salesforce page.
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