Business Card Scanner for Salesforce Review

Have you ever spent hours transferring contact information from several business cards to your computer or mobile hand device? This manual process can be demanding and accuracy is not guaranteed. Business card scanner for salesforce offers an effective way to address this problem. It allows you to scan business cards and information is automatically entered into salesforce. This offers you an opportunity to turn all your contact into business opportunities. The device provides a simple and accurate way to enter contacts into salesforce. It is easy to use the device by simply placing a business card inside the scanner. When you place a card, the system automatically starts and enters the contact details. This is made possible by its auto detect feature. Some of the details that are entered include name, phone number and title. The device will also capture any image on the card. This process takes a few seconds and you do not need to connect the device to an external source of power because it can be connected to the USB port in your computer. There are various options to select from if you are looking for a scanner but most of them have a 600 dpi resolution. SaleForce CRM The business card scanner for salesforce is one of the only devices in the market that do not require you to scan cards into third party applications before you can transfer the information to SalesForce CRM. This is a unique attribute that will save you a lot of time and ensure that all the information you get is accurate. Simple Data Entry Business card scanner for salesforce has a variety of features that make it a suitable data entry option. This device simplifies data capture and entry. It will capture all the contact information and enter it accurately into safeforce. This means that there is no risk of entering wrong information, which is highly possible if you have been using the manual data entry method. Sorting Contact Information The device does more than data capture and entry. It will sort the information it captures on the business card and place it into appropriate fields your system. This gadget is designed to review all the data it captures, confirm that it is accuracy and include suitable lead subjects and sources. Once all these processes are complete, it will transfer the information to the system. The best part about all this is that it only takes one click to transfer the information. It would take hours to do this manually. Accuracy One of the main advantages of business card scanner for salesforce is that it is accurate. Typos can be a big problem when you enter data manually. This device helps you to avoid this and other errors. It allows you to significantly reduce inaccuracies and incomplete data. The gadget will also eliminate duplication because it has software, which is designed to identify duplicates as soon as they are entered. Inaccurate information can be a disadvantage especially if you intend to use it to get sales leads.  
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