Work Hard, Then Give Back: An Interview With MVP Phil Walton

(cue Terminator theme, spice up with a light Austrian accent) This month, we’ve got one of the busiest Salesforce MVPs out there. Between owning a successful consultancy, writing an influential blog and leading 3 user groups with finesse that very few can match, Phil Walton has indeed earned his place as a Salesorce MVP and

8 Steps to a Smooth Transition to Salesforce Lightning

There are a lot of Lightning puns that could be used to introduce this topic. To name a few, “Salesforce lightning is going to strike,” “Don’t let Salesforce lightning strike before you’re ready,” or “Salesforce lightning is here, are you prepared to weather the storm?”   But unfortunately, none of these puns explain that this

It’s All About the Community: An Interview with Eric Dreshfield

Welcome to the second installment of MVP TALK!   This time, we’re going to dig deeper into every aspect of Salesforce from the technical to the philosophical. So hold on tight, and welcome Apptus’ Eric Dreshfield! Ready? let’s go.   Hi, Eric! tell us a bit about yourself, what were you up to before working

Everything Is Possible, Just Try: An Interview with SharinPix CEO Jean Michel Mougeolle

I’M SO EXCITED!   This post marks the beginning of an amazing new journey for this blog.   Rainforce is about to dig deeper into the Salesforce community than ever before, with one single goal in mind: to deliver high-quality, thought provoking, awe-inspiring words of wisdom from the very best in the business. Announcing a