Cloudy with a Chance of Rain: Best Salesforce Articles of November

Winter is here! And with it, a rain of fresh new Salesforce articles comes pouring down right to your browser’s front door. This month’s list of top 8 Salesforce articles and posts continues the diverse line we’ve had for the past couple of months, and expands the variety even to territories not yet explored in

0% Tricks, 100% Treats: Top Salesforce Articles of October

Happy Halloween! Going with the holiday’s tradition of putting on costumes, Rainforce has decided to try something slightly different. This month’s roundup of top Salesforce articles contains little-to-no “tips”, or “tricks”; no helpful one-liners, VisualForce formulas or anything in that fashion. Instead, I’ve dedicated this month’s roundup to other types of articles: opinion pieces, interviews,

[PREZI] The Silent Killer: Salesforce Training Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

No one wants to make Salesforce training mistakes, especially costly ones. However, before trying to avoid them, we should probably take a step back and recognize what they are…   For companies large and small, Salesforce has become the lifeline for sales and customer relations management. But, with any other software, there’s a training stage,

Follow Along – Salesforce’s Success Story

$52 Billion. Did I get your attention?   That’s what Salesforce’s Market Capitalization is worth as of 2016. The company has become one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies in the U.S, but like most companies, it had humble beginnings.   The Salesforce info-graphic below highlights the company’s birth 15 years ago in

The Great List of Lists: Top 6 lists of the top Dreamforce sessions to match your every need

Ladies, Gentlemen, Dreamforce ’16 goers, this is the post you’re looking for. With DF less than a week away the internet is bursting with articles and posts recommending sessions, keynotes and parties, trying to sort out the massive agenda for those that are uninitiated in the ways of the ‘force.   Problem is, with almost

Top 6 Dreamforce ’16 Sessions for Successful Salesforce Adoption

With almost 3000 (!!!) sessions, Dreamforce ’16 can seem like it’s too massive for you to handle without at least some sense of direction… Lucky for you, I’ve taken the time to cherry pick 6 spectacular DF16 sessions that focus on the different aspects of user adoption process and other sub-topics that relate to it.

Here are 10 Ultimate Survival Items To Pack For Dreamforce!

Dreamforce ’16 is less than two weeks away! On the fourth day of October, thousands of executives from a wide variety of industries from across the globe will descend on San Francisco for four days to network, get inspired, promote their organizations and experience the epic energy that Salesforce’s massive event generates. So how does

The 4 Dreamforce 16′ Keynotes I’m Most Excited For

In the midst of all the busy madness that is Dreamforce, there’s a short time where people can catch their breath, sit back and be inspired. Keynotes by a variety of world-renowned influencers and experts of their craft, ranging from civil rights leaders to astronauts (!), spice up the DF agenda. If there’s one thing

Double or Nothing:  August’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles

Good things come in pairs! August’s list of top eight Salesforce articles and posts has a special concept this time: I chose to take 4 topics and explore each with two articles so that each article covers a different aspect… one of these topics was actually pretty new for me as well. I guess you

Try these 4 hacks to not get lost in all Dreamforce has to offer

Dreamforce 2016 is less than 50 days away, and you can really feel the excitement start to build as businesses across the world prepare to make the most of it. It’s a celebration of all things Salesforce and the festive vibes are truly unique. In honor of this massive event, and to help you to