Docusign for Salesforce Review

As we’ve said many times, while Salesforce is a splendid CRM system, it has the same problems, out of the box, that are endemic to any CRM system, the main one being integration of non-CRM data or extraneous data sources. This isn’t Salesforce’s fault as the standards of design for CRM tend to omit many

Skuid Salesforce App Review

Salesforce is one of the most intuitive and powerful CRM systems available, constantly beating out their competitors in almost every point by point comparison. Even the big names in software like Microsoft and Sun haven’t managed to oust Salesforce from their throne atop the CRM industry. But, like anything, it’s not perfect. While Salesforce is

Salesforce vs SugarCRM – Showdown!

The showdown of SugarCRM vs. Salesforce was inevitable and a long time coming, with these being the two most popular SaaS-based CRM solutions in use today. Before the SaaS revolution of a few years ago, CRM software’s niche was often filled by either tool chains such as office suites and database frontends, or obscure, difficult-to-use

How to Be Successful with Salesforce

success has already started on the right track by making Salesforce your choice for CRM. Once upon a time, basic tool chains, spread sheets, general databases and record keeping tools did this job.  They were decent, but not optimal. In order to be fast, efficient and current, you need CRM software. CRM software is integral

Train Salesforce to Work for You – Instead of Training Employees to Work with Salesforce

In most enterprises these days, end-user adoption of Salesforce and its rich features is one of the most significant factors that determine and drive business results. But how intuitive and easy do your employees find Salesforce? And how do you help those, which have experience operating other CRM systems, to smoothly transition to Salesforce? The issue

Top 3 Most Prominent Salesforce Competitors

  Let’s look at a different side of Salesforce today, that being Salesforce competitors. I suppose that any CRM SaaS offering that isn’t Salesforce is technically considered a competitor. But there is a clear distinction between a competitor and a company that sells a similar product. Salesforce sets the bar high, so in order for

Salesforce CRM Pricing Explained

One of the big selling points of Salesforce – and there are a lot of selling points for CRM systems this good – is the price factor;  they offer five different editions available at 5 different price ranges to suit your needs. This makes Salesforce accessible to a number of company sizes and budgets. With

Salesforce Browser Support vs Microsoft CRM

Perhaps you’ve noticed the polarizing debate regarding the two leaders of CRM: Salesforce vs Microsoft CRM Dynamics. Microsoft is a bit of a latecomer to the SaaS concept, having held onto the traditional software concept longer than most (for a lot of obvious reasons). That does put them at a slight disadvantage when it comes

Salesforce Implementation and Onboarding

By now, everyone who deals with CRM, at any level, knows that Salesforce is fantastic. It is jam packed with features that are so easy to use, it can working a pleasure. So, when it comes to Salesforce implementation, you know it will be a breeze. Salesforce implementation isn’t just about installing and setting up

WalkMe – the Perfect Salesforce Support Solution

Business owners understand the value of having good customer support for all functions within their company. They also understand the limitless value of Salesforce to meet their CRM needs. Customer support staff interact with Salesforce for many reasons, and one major reason is to provide customer service. So, it’s inevitable that the two should come