Apsona Salesforce Review

Apsona Salesforce is one of the add-on application for the salesforce.com that is available through the AppExchange. It has the ability to make many of the routine data management activities or tasks on the Salesforce much easier. This has been the main reason why businesses often like using it whenever they are trying to improve

Gridbuddy Salesforce Extensive Overview

Gridbuddy Salesforce application makes Salesforce a simple CRM solution to use among sales people. Generally, the application reduces the amount of time they spend on data entry. It is one of the User Interface developments in Salesforce, which makes managing data in Salesforce faster with fewer clicks giving the CRM customers a pleasant user experience.

iContact for Salesforce Review

iContact for Salesforce Review In order for you to deal with customers effectively, you need to know what they want, even before they come to you. This means that you should offer them products that address their needs before the competition does. In order to meet your clients’ needs effectively, you will need a CRM

Eventbrite Salesforce – What You Need to Know

Eventbrite Salesforce is a well-known event management and CRM solution. Background of Eventbrite Salesforce Eventbrite refers to an event management tool that normally makes it simpler to create, promote, manage and also sell out your own event. Most of the charities and firms are currently using Eventbrite for their own events and also Salesforce purposely

Understanding Mass Delete Salesforce Application

Mass Delete Salesforce refers to a feature in Salesforce that allows you to delete multiple items (leads, products, accounts, contacts, cases, solutions, activities etc.) all at once. As an administrator, one may end up creating several tasks, incidents or problems in the unlimited cloud space. This may slow down operations like loading and greatly affect

Marketo and Triggers in Salesforce Review

Marketo Salesforce is a combination of  a marketing automation system and a CRM Solution. The System Includes Two Packages: 1. The Marketo Lead Management: This is generally a number of custom fields that synchronizes with Marketo. 2. The Marketo Sales Insights: It has a number of custom fields, classes, custom object, Visualforce pages and triggers

Dupecatcher Salesforce Review

Introduction Welcome to Dupecatcher Salesforce review and get to know good news it has for you. In the recent past, duplicate records in Salesforce have been a problem for many organizations. A common scenario arises when you try to search for a contact(s) of a particular person and you will be puzzled to get multiple

Jitterbit Salesforce Review

Importing data using Jitterbit Salesforce is quite an experience. However, this becomes a wonderful experience when you use some good and effective data import tools. There exist may data import tools such as informatica data loader and dataloader.io. These tools make importing data quite a good experience. However, data importing gets interesting when you land

Your G2 Maps Salesforce Review

G2 maps Salesforce is the geographical analysis solution that gives mapping ability for viewing the customers, opportunities, assets, leads, and also custom defined objects on the maps. The G2 maps also provide analytic overlays for improved and better understanding of market segmentation, market penetration, business opportunities, demographics and much more. It is used to create a