Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Best Practices

Creating Salesforce reports and dashboards is a function of this award winning CRM software that makes it so popular. The ease of configuration, customization and task creation which Salesforce inherently allows has earned it the title of “one of the best” CRM solutions ever created, and is also why similar designs by some of the

Google Analytics Salesforce Integration

The wealth of data gathered on the internet is invaluable; the data is used to analyze everything from  ROI metrics to leads to campaign management. Integrating CRM with Google Analytics is a great way to harness this vast and swirling sea of data into bottom lines; But is there an easy solution for Google Analytics

Magento Salesforce Integration Tutorial

Is Magento Salesforce integration possible? Is this process easy to implement? You better believe it. Everyone has quickly fallen in love with Magento, the easy order processing and management system – produced by leading ecommerce company EBay. Everyone also loves the flexibility and programmability of Salesforce’s well-known CRM services. So, it’s inevitable that people will

Learn How to Create Record Types in Salesforce Accounts

If you want to get the most out of this CRM, you need to take advantage of one particular feature: how to create record types in Salesforce. Above all else, CRM software is still a type of database, be it one with a specialized interface. You can get away with using Salesforce’s normal default record

Top 3 Ideas to Make Salesforce Easier to Use

The internet is in no short supply of interesting Salesforce aids. With the advent of their app exchange, developers are coming up with all kinds of addons, plugins and other such tools to optimize Salesforce and add functionality. This elegant CRM software is more efficient and and powerful than ever before. They’ve got gamification, advanced

Using Salesforce Offline – User Guide

Using Salesforce offline used to be impossible (ok, almost impossible). Luckily , they have now released a subset of software available for mobile, various browsers and OS native. This software – known as Connect Offline -lets you work with your local employees and customers offline, from anywhere. Salesforce accomplishes this by synchronizing your master copy

Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Guide

Let’s get straight to the facts. Salesforce has a built-in mass mailer. You can build all kinds of templates and automation with it. (If you want to get your hands dirty with some programming, you can even implement Visualforce and Apex).At the same time, we all know – and love – the robust, automatic and

Salesforce Database Methods Best Practices

You probably don’t want to sit through a lecture about databases and the best practices for designing, using and maintaining them. (Well, unless maybe, you’re a tech guy). But, Salesforce database methods are important. You rely on your database being intact and stable, and so do your customers. You need to have a grasp on

Salesforce Date Functions – A Short Guide

Date functions are a useful feature of Apex programming in Salesforce. They provides a lot of useful functionality inside forms, plugins and in record-sets themselves. Time stamps and time comparisons are vital in CRM records – especially when it comes to accuracy and record keeping for legal issues. The methods provided in Apex are not

Salesforce Custom Report Examples You Can Use

Don’t you just love it when you have to create a Salesforce custom report? or really any kind of document for an infrastructure? Especially when you have no technical or design skills The answer is no. As a marketer, all you can do is groan, and anticipate several hours of frustration (that hopefully will result