Simplify Follow-ups by Discovering How to Send a Mass Email in Salesforce

Knowing how to send a mass email in Salesforce is pivotal for your organization. Even with so many social media outlets email remains the best and primary mode of communication with customers, leads, partners, donors and even vendors. Keeping people in the loop is critical and yet can be difficult when tasked with emailing them

The 3 Most Important Salesforce Trigger Best Practices

It comes naturally that a Salesforce developer realizes that the initial apex trigger is limited or too small. This is especially true when your company growth demands new and varied needs. It is at this point that the trigger coding can become too complicated to handle and this will definitely need to be sorted out

3 Ways to Save Time by Creating Email Templates in Salesforce

Creating email templates in Salesforce is one of the most important aspects of using this CRM platform. You will save a lot of time when you use Salesforce email templates. This will help you, even more if you have a substantial online email presence. It will save you from the hassle of drafting an email

Discover How to Create a Master-Detail Relationship in Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the top CRM tools most modern businesses use. Its benefits are quite obvious and straightforward and it can rapidly grow your business. However, you must learn how to use Salesforce and it’s various features if you want to harness the full potential of this sales and marketing package. One of the

Discover The Best Ways To Teach Users How To Add Fields In Salesforce

There are many business achievements you can reach using the Salesforce CRM tool. Lauded for its usability and customization, this is by far the best customer relationship management tool on the market. Featuring many robust editions for any type of business, it is a comprehensive package that helps businesses increase leads and sales. All these

The Basic Concept of Importing Contacts into Salesforce

Salesforce is considered to be a very powerful online database used by numerous organizations to improve business productivity and efficiency. It also allows a business to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Making staff members more productive and acquiring leads is very important for the success and survival of every business. Cloud based applications, such as

Getting Started With a Salesforce Trigger Tutorial

What is a Salesforce trigger tutorial?Before we can answer that question, we must be able to answer What is Salesforce? The answer to that is: Salesforce is the world’s leading on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Running on the platform, it minimizes development costs and can be delivered extremely quickly. Salesforce is completely cloud-based

Best Practices for Salesforce Merge Accounts and Contacts

Merging contacts in Salesforce can be done easily, but you will need to follow the right procedure. You can use a reliable Salesforce training material to help you perform the best practices. If you have duplicate contacts, you can use the Salesforce merge accounts and contacts. This will help you to limit the long list

Merging Accounts in Salesforce: What You Need to Know

A person can only merge accounts if he or she is the account owner, an administrator, or a user above the owner of the account in the role hierarchy and he or she must have the appropriate user permission. Basically, when a person is merging accounts in Salesforce which they do not own, he or

The Benefits of Learning How to Create a Dashboard in Salesforce

Like any advanced software solution, Salesforce is determined to provide its users with a more flexible and more effective way of doing business. If you’ve asked yourself, what is Salesforce, or what is a dashboard in Salesforce, you’ve come to the right place.   A dashboard in Salesforce is the perfect example of this idea.