How Can a Salesforce CRM Tutorial Help You?

A Salesforce tutorial is for those who want to brush up their knowledge about CRM. In fact, it works more like a visual guide that helps you clear all your doubts about the subject and have a better understanding. This Salesforce CRM tutorial is also one of the best options that help beginners by providing

How To Create A Custom Object In Salesforce

If you want to know how to create a custom object in Salesforce, you need to understand what an object is. The database tables in Salesforce are called objects. The objects are of two types: custom and standard. Unwrap a fresh Sales org and you will get standard objects, such as Cases, Contacts and Accounts.

The Most Important Tips on How to Merge Accounts in Salesforce

It is important thing to know how to merge accounts in Salesforce. This will assist you in record keeping, database software and book keeping. In any set of records or data, multiple duplicate accounts can begin to be an issue because of use. As a result, two entries are created instead of a single entry.

The Benefits Of Mailing Technology Using Mass Emails In Salesforce

After adopting Salesforce CRM for your business, you have taken the brave path to data management success. The next steps are customization and streamlining data collection. Once you have all these in place, the next challenge is to send your mails to the different stakeholders informing them about your program. Sending mass emails in Salesforce

Learn How to Create Record Types in Salesforce

The use of technology in today’s world of business has become prevalent especially in managing your company’s future and current customers. Introduction of the customer relationship management which integrates technology to; automate, organize and synchronize sales, customer service, market and technical support, has brought tremendous gains to companies. To make this customer relationship management more

How to Check Your Salesforce Edition

Finding the best Salesforce edition is very useful to help you get all benefits from this CRM (customer relationship management) system for your needs. There are several editions that are offered by this software, including group, professional, enterprise, unlimited, and performance edition so it’s important you learn how to check Salesforce edition. Each edition comes

The Benefits of Salesforce Video Tutorials

Salesforce is definitely the most popular CRM plan available in the market and many businesses already reap the benefits it brings. Although Salesforce CRM is generally easy to use, there are various challenges encountered in the process. . Fortunately, you can find several training resources including Salesforce video tutorials that teach users how to accomplish

Merging Contacts in Salesforce – What You Need to Know

The following is a review of merging contacts in Salesforce that is geared for those who may be in the dark over this feature. Managing to keep your contact records always up to date is critical in conducting business in a highly efficient manner. When you input data into this CRM, duplicate records may be

The Best Way to Learn How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

The use of email has always been among the top modes of communication. One of the common Salesforce Basics is to send an email. While sending an email can be easy, it can also be challenging. This is with regard to the total number of emails you wish to send. Following the right procedure can

How to Customize Salesforce

Professionals completely understand that every business is unique. They also know that every business has a different set of needs and requirements. When you implement Salesforce CRM, you do not have to change the way you carry out your business activities. In fact, you can change the CRM application to suit the needs of your