How to Use Salesforce Email to Case

How can Salesforce Email to Case benefit you? Before touching on the advantages of Salesforce email to case, the most important thing to know is what is Salesforce? Salesforce is a worldwide industry leader whose management software is design specifically to increase integration, simplicity, visibility and efficiency in your business.   If you want to

The Benefits of Learning How to Create a Custom Object in Salesforce

As you may undoubtedly be aware, salesforce CRM has native objects such as accounts, leads, opportunities and so on. Nevertheless, there are some kinds of records that cannot be accommodated in these standard objects. Given, you can choose to store such data across different records in the native objects. But doing so, usually leads to

The Advantages Of Learning How To Add Fields In Salesforce

Salesforce is by far one of the most reputable CRM tools you can find in the modern market. This is why many businesses have purchased various editions of this package to meet unique goals they have set. There are many things you can achieve with Salesforce. However, the tool will only be valuable once you

The Advantages of Creating Reports in Salesforce

There are many great things that you can do with Salesforce. It can be a great solution for you who want to manage your own business and your customers’ responses easily. This article is going to teach you about creating reports in Salesforce. After reading this Salesforce training material, you should be able to create

Learning How to Merge Leads in Salesforce

It is crucial to learn a wide range of Salesforce tricks so that you can be able to manage records properly, including how to merge leads in Salesforce. Online research will show different Salesforce tutorials which can be useful to both new and experienced users. It is paramount to know that there are 2 major

How to Create Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

Salesforce relationships actually represent associating one kind of objects with another object. These relationships are very helpful and there are three basic relationship types: – Master-detail – Many-to-many – Lookup Master-Detail is a relationship in which the master or parent object always controls certain behaviors and attributes of the child object. For example, when a

The Salesforce Developer Tutorial and Basic Concepts

The Salesforce developer tutorial makes it easy to develop and deploy apps on platform, and the developer works in a coding environment that provides numerous features and services that favor applications within that environment. One such popular environment is the Developer Edition environment, where one can develop any application for free. This article

My Top Salesforce Articles of the Week – Getting Ready for Dreamforce!

Focusing a bit less on the technical side this time, my “best of” list contains all sorts of stuff from all around the Salesforce world- and as Dreamforce 15′ is almost upon us, I just had to include a couple of articles about what’s in store for us in San Francisco. 1. Salesforce Makes Strides

How to Customize Salesforce Easily

One of the reasons why salesforce is the leading CRM tool is the ability to configure and customize it. Although this is interesting ad leads to various efficiencies, it still presents various challenges among users. Most people want to know how to customize Salesforce easily and while the information can be found in the several

Learning How to Create Dashboards in Salesforce and Achieve the Best Results

Learning how to create dashboards in Salesforce is definitely crucial to achieving convenience and efficiency in record keeping and handing various tasks using this remarkable CRM platform. Before you begin to create and customize your dashboard, you will need a few permissions.   You can always contact your admin if these permissions are not available