Salesforce Import Leads – Best Practices

Suppose you have a leads file already, you can use the Salesforce import leads strategy to get them to the platform faster. This will require you to be an admin, in order to be able to import the a leads in Salesforce. Here are the best practices for importing the leads in Salesforce. Salesforce Import

How To Create Campaign In Salesforce Effectively

For those who might perhaps wish to know how to create a campaign in salesforce the following is an in-depth guide on how to do so. Salesforce is renowned for its flexible and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system which has over the years enabled a lot of business establishments to effortlessly and effectively keep

How to Use Salesforce With Excel Connector and Why Do You Need It

Most businesses already have a record-keeping system that stores all their records which then become their existing data when they become Salesforce customers; but they later find out that they need the Salesforce Excel Connector to cater for some specific data tasks. The task that is quite involving when getting the Salesforce CRM installed and

Implementing Salesforce Visual Flow

Salesforce visual flow is one of the most powerful tools contained in Salesforce package. This feature is available in the two versions of Salesforce namely Enterprise, and Unlimited Edition. It is a business logic that evaluates records as they are being created and also determines if there is an automated action that is to be

The Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce1 Features

Many business owners are not familiar with the Salesforce1 features that makes it one of the best tools for improving sales while bringing their business activities to the next level. The new Salesforce1 apps has a wide range of features and functionalities that are designed to assist the users to stay connected while making sales of the products

How To Write Test Class In Salesforce

In order to enjoy the benefits of reduced tasking and automated processes of online business management, you should learn simple basics of how to write test class in Salesforce. A test class simply refers to the input required to confirm if instructions and methods used in developing an application or program are working correctly in delivering

Quick Guide to Salesforce Customer Portal

Salesforce customer portal allows you to utilize great tools that are available in the internet as an effective self-service channel and at the same time a customer service base that is low in cost. In order to set up and customize the Salesforce Customer portal, you must have permission to customize application. Setup your Salesforce

How to Generate Salesforce Developer Account

If you are planning to use Salesforce, you first have to know how to create Salesforce developer account. It is real easy to open this account if you know the right steps. Furthermore, it will only take you a few minutes to create an account. At Salesforce, you will find free developer edition that allows

Creating Salesforce Custom Fields Best Practices

Salesforce custom fields are one of the things that have earned them a huge name in the CRM industry since the SaaS revolution. Business data processing which allows infinitely customized form elements, fields and libraries never outgrow their own usefulness. Not only this, but they empower companies to change with times. What are They For: