Drive Productivity with These 5 Salesforce Apps

  When Salesforce is a tool that you are using every day, it definitely pays to be able to use it efficiently and effectively. Luckily, there are several resources that help drive both productivity and knowledge of the platform to make users feel more at ease with using the system as part of their daily

WalkMe SuperEdit: Finally, Inline Editing on Salesforce Reports!

Salesforce is a powerful tool but it is far from perfect. One such imperfection I hear of quite often is the hassle of editing record details while viewing reports.   As it stands now, if you’re looking at a report and want to change any detail of a record–which happens a lot–you have to navigate

WalkMe’s New Salesforce SuperTool Makes Searching MUCH More Effective

How many times have you found yourself short on time at work? I assume the answer is “every day.”   Working with Salesforce requires sifting through a lot of information in a short time span and, in many cases, juggling between various responsibilities. This is why we’re constantly looking for simple solutions that’ll help us

Why Salesforce’s First Major Dreamforce ’16 Announcement Is Huge News For Developers

No one can beat Salesforce when it comes to kicking off events with a blast, and this time, the blast is aimed at Salesforce Developers; The CRM giant has just unveiled Salesforce DX, a fresh and exciting experience for Developers, in which partners can continuously deliver innovative apps faster than ever. Salesforce DX enables Developers

Tracking Mass Emails In Salesforce

With all leads and contacts information kept centrally in the Salesforce crm tutorial, it is only natural to use the native mass emails in Salesforce functionality. This particular feature has been primarily designed to fully leverage this CRM application’s infrastructure to offer efficient communications with both leads and contacts. Let us now take a closer

Best Practices Types of Email Templates in Salesforce

In every firm, email templates are essential to management purposes. In fact, they assist in an organization’s leads, contacts, opportunities and all associated processes and activities. Hence, it creates both long term and more profitable relationships. With the email templates, your team will deliver the right solutions at the right time to the clients. What

How to Change Your Salesforce Email Templates HTML

Creating HTML email templates is one of the best ways to control your branding and increase efficiency on your Salesforce. HTML is one of the most used web languages and it’s very useful in displaying scripted items such as newsletters, proposals, invitations, letterheads and introduction. If your company or organization has a Salesforce package, you

What is Salesforce Integration And What Are The Benefits?

The question for most people new to Salesforce is “What is Salesforce integration?” Sometimes we become our own worst enemy, purchasing multiple point-solution systems that often result in data silos, students with no holistic view, and frustrated users with multiple login credentials. It can be very difficult for a faculty member to obtain an overall

Salesforce Mass Email Contacts And Keep Leads Warm

Building and fostering relationships with leads, clients, partners and even vendors is extremely vital for business organizations. As such, email is still the preferred avenue that most of these entities settle for. Salesforce offers the native salesforce mass email function to cater for their clients’ requirements. This enables the latter to send messages from their