Infographic: Improve Performance With Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Over the past couple of months I’ve written quite a lot about the Wave Analytics Cloud platform. It’s a great, flexible feature with an intuitive design that can be loads of fun (if you’re into it, of course…) to play with. That being said, translating data into sales isn’t easy, and it requires more than

The 3 Best Salesforce Developer Tools on The Market

Salesforce is all about productivity, but it also has certain limits. Although Salesforce offers a lot of value to many companies and business owners, its usefulness can be improved with a few useful tools. This is why quality Salesforce developer tools exist, and you will need to learn more about them if you want to

The Best Salesforce CRM Training Material on The Web

Many people are looking for cheap Salesforce training options so that they can train to become Certified Salesforce Administrators without having to part with the $3,750 for the Salesforce’s 5-day course. First, it is important to mention here that despite being relatively expensive, this course is worth every penny. It is considered the best short

Best Salesforce Email Templates in Different Languages

Many businesses sell their services to a global audience, and one of the most important challenges in reaching out to a global market is translating what your company wants to say clearly and accurately. Fortunately for those businesses that use Salesforce, there are plenty of Salesforce email templates in different languages that you can use.

Salesforce Admin Training For Beginners

As a hot product in the technology industry, Salesforce has completely revolutionized the industry, and new Salesforce Administrators, Consultants, and Developers are always needed. This makes it even more important to train them so that they can be able to handle the various tasks ahead of them. Here is Salesforce administrator training for beginners. Salesforce

Enhance Efficiency With Salesforce Report Folder Sharing

Salesforce enhanced folder sharing was introduce in the summer of 2013, any organization that was created prior to summer 2013 can enable your Salesforce report folder sharing by following the guidelines illustrated in this article. Enhanced folder-sharing grants user access to dashboards and reports, and provides the following benefits: allows sharing with other individual users,

How to Create Salesforce Email to Case Attachments

If your company needs efficient email solutions then Salesforce has the services you are looking for. With its help, your company and staff will have an easier time sending and managing all of your company’s email concerns. In this article, however, we will focus on how to make Salesforce email to case attachments, so as

The Benefits of a Salesforce Email Service

Salesforce Email Service is specifically designed for the large email campaigns that limit the users to around 1,000 daily email sends and 250 recipients in every list. The service is specifically designed to facilitate efficiency in the sales departments. The following are the top three benefits of using the Salesforce Email service: Custom Objects With

Salesforce Knowledge Management Tools And Techniques

With knowledge management tools and techniques, you will be able to build an effective workforce that will ensure that your organization emerges the champion among its competitors. In this article, you will find out more about some of the most used and most effective knowledge management tools that will be of great help to your

The Best Custom Email Templates Salesforce Has to Offer

Custom email templates Salesforce will enable you to standardize your emails, save time as well as communicate professionally with your customers. Therefore, you can send the introductory emails with ease. Also, case notification emails or standardized welcome letters will be received. What is the procedure of creating custom email templates Salesforce? The question can be