How to Use Salesforce CRM – Everything You Need to Know

Salesforce is a tool that allows one to manage relationships with people one does business with. People use Salesforce to manage relationships with prospects, customers, affiliates, advertising partners, vendors, employees, and almost everyone else people interact with while running a business. How to Use Salesforce There are four primary record types for managing relationships in

The Complete Salesforce CRM Tutorial

A number of organizations use Salesforce as their customer relationship management solution. Yet, not many people know how to use Salesforce in such detail, which is why Salesforce training is imperative. A number of Salesforce tutorials have been released to help beginners understand how the tool works and how it can be of benefit to

Great Tips for Salesforce Use #1

Weather App (Free App) Salesforce comes with a free app which will show you the weather conditions for your accounts or leads bases upon their city and region. You can tell the weather in a city that is miles away from where you’re situated by a simple click of the mouse button. This information helps

The Complete Salesforce Canvas Guide

If you utilize many third party applications in addition to Salesforce, then you need to find a software tool that will help you integrate everything when the need arises, which is where Salesforce Canvas comes in. The product is a suite of tools that also consist of JavaScript APIs that is used to enhance integration

Most Important Salesforce Import Users Tools

If you want to transfer data to Salesforce, a number of Salesforce data import tools exist. You can use these tools to move data without hassles. You need to know what they are if you want to enhance efficiency in your business. Top Selection of  Salesforce Import Users Tools to Use   1. Jitterbit Cloud

Great Tips for Salesforce Use #2

Salesforce MVP Program (Bi-Weekly) We all need to wrap ourselves around a warm and candid society to thrive in business (and in life). Salesforce seems to have figured this out just at the right time. They are currently offering a community group slash online event where you can get all your questions answered by MVPs.

Is Using Your CRM Application like “A Walk in The Park”?

If not, take a good look at WalkMe. CRM applications are not often described as ‘simple and user friendly.’ That’s where ‘helpers’ such as or Hubspot step in.  They aid users in facilitating the entire process. They help the end-user. End-user adoption is a critical piece to your CRM application. Why? It focuses on

Top 6 Salesforce Apps to Boost Productivity

  Salesforce is a great cloud-based CRM platform, which gives businesses the opportunities to manage almost every part of their sales activities. However, beyond basic adoption of the core platform, companies can benefit from an even higher productivity by adding Salesforce apps, some of which are built by the top developers worldwide. Here is our

New App launched on Salesforce – BigMachines

The price of a product or service is a central consideration for many customers. Consequently, it is common for customers to request quotes, so as to be able to get a better idea of what the company will charge, in comparison with other companies or sellers. Hence, when considering the importance of this part of

Coveo for Salesforce Now Available on the AppExchange

Coveo launched late year “Coveo for Salesforce”, an app that is geared at changing the way people look at service performance (the application is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange). The way the application works is that it basically “reads” case info and after doing so, it recommends experts and relevant content in order for