The most anticipated Salesforce conference of the year is happening NOW, and I’m here to keep you updated on all the exciting news by blogging live updates! Make sure you stop by booths  440 & 1840, meet the incredible WalkMe team and #ExperienceWalkMe!   October 7th 12:50pm The WalkMe team rocks out booth 1840!  

WAIT, WHAT!? Are These Pics From Dreamforce or Coachella Music Festival?

Some people attend Dreamforce in order to promote their company. Some attend to learn new skills, and some try to do both. Has anyone ever attended Dreamforce in order to party hard? Probably not, but the “festival” vibes are undeniable.The whole thing feels like a massive party- a celebration of all things Salesforce. Eventually, even the most

Salesforce Looking To Invest $50 Million in Startups

  Salesforce will now be investing $50 million into startups that use its Lightning app-building platform, otherwise known as the Lightning Fund. The company’s VC branch, Salesforce ventures will be managing this fund. This is in hopes that Salesforce will be able to foster an ecosystem of applications that use its cloud-computing platform.   In

Google Launches AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

  Many marketers are using Google AdWords to launch campaigns and boost sales. Although companies will often see an increase in sales, they may have a hard time linking the sale back to it’s AdWord source. This is the reason why Google is introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce. (It would be nice if there

How to Schedule a Report in Salesforce – 5 Practical Ways

Reports and dashboards happen to be very critical components of the Salesforce CRM. First of all, they can conveniently reveal the past and even current business performance. This means they can play a vital role in driving the success and adoption of this business application. In our current business atmosphere, there is a need for

My Insights from the Latest Salesforce User Group Meetup

If you haven’t attended Salesforce user group meetups, and you use Salesforce on a daily basis, I definitely advise you to start. When you are in a room filled only with people that really know and love this platform called Salesforce, the real treats come out, including the best use cases, the worst mistakes to

How to Create a Custom Object In Salesforce

In this article we will have a closer look as to how to create a custom object in Salesforce. However before delving further into the subject, let’s review what Salesforce is. It is a specialized software solution that is used to monitor the performance of the sales and marketing personnel. With Salesforce you can run

10 Innovative Tools to Reduce Your Salesforce Training Efforts

There are a number of Salesforce training tools that are specifically designed to offer you the CRM management as well as offer the relevant Salesforce training. Generally, you might find it challenging to understand how Salesforce works unless you find a reliable tool that can offer you the best training; you might not exactly understand

The Complete Salesforce Analytics Guide

If you run a business made up of Salesforce solutions, having a Salesforce analytics is a great way that you can keep track on your business progress and sales results. There are so many benefits that are associated with analytics system and it’s very important for companies and small business to use this systems as

Breaking Down the Salesforce Summer 14 Release

The Salesforce Summer 14 release has everyone buzzing. The new features allows you to be productive on the go. Nothing is really better than being able to connect to your customers in a completely new way. This new release makes it easy, cost effective and convenient to sell, market, service and innovate with ease. Give your