Zendesk Salesforce Integration Quick Guide

Zendesk Salesforce integration provides companies and businesses with a suitable way to manage the relationship they have with customers and prospects. The joining is not only useful for sales and marketing strategies but also helps a company to have all customers’ details in a centralized platform. The integration step establishes a customer centric vision and

Salesforce Events Management 101 Guide

Salesforce Events Management includes all the employees responsible for selling and marketing products or services. The sales team of a company often engages in many different activities like tasks and scheduled events. The tasks are basically to-do activities. They are activities that need to be completed but have no specific time or duration associated with them.

Using Salesforce Tasks Step by Step Correctly

Using Salesforce tasks step by step correctly can significantly boost your efficiency and save you a lot of costs that are incurred as a result of repetitive time consuming manual procedures. Task performance is a very important aspect of any business. The ability to create, assign and automate a certain task to a specific person

Using Salesforce Connect for Office

Salesforce connect for Office is providing various great add-ins for Microsoft Office programs, so it could be quite helpful for anyone who wants to use Salesforce database on Excel or Word. In Microsoft Office Excel you can easily access all of your Salesforce reports, and in Microsoft Office Word you can simply create various mail