Cirrus Salesforce Integration

Cirrus Salesforce integration is one of the most talked about topics in the CRM circles these days. You may be in sales, in marketing; you may even be in service or support. But the unquestionable fact which remains is that you talk to your customers using Gmail but you manage your customers in Salesforce. The sad part is that valuable information keeps flowing in and out of Gmail without being synced, or, without having any connection to the related customer data available in Salesforce. This is where Cirrus Insight comes in to the picture. It is the perfect little tool which ties up Gmail amazingly with Salesforce and brings together the best of both worlds in one nifty touch. Cirrus Insight makes this integration by allowing the users of Salesforce to manage the customer information which is directly available via Gmail. The amazing thing about Cirrus Insight is that it pulls the CRM intelligence automatically into one’s Gmail inbox as and when one opens one’s email. This allows one to not only talk to the customers via Gmail, but also see any and all contextual information, cases, opportunities as well as activities with direct links for more information. How sexy is that? Enabling real-time Salesforce information to be available in Gmail is a major factor in making Cirrus Insight as awesome as it is. Seeing contact information, reading emails, keeping a tab on the meeting history, checking out related opportunities and cases, you name it, everything is seamlessly achieved using this Cirrus Salesforce integration. What’s more, one can easily create and manage new leads and contacts directly through Gmail, automatically sync events between Salesforce and Google, set up reminders and even relate emails to specific opportunities and cases. In short Cirrus Insight makes sure that you never lose track of an upcoming opportunity ever again. With Cirrus Insight at your disposal you can create value for your Salesforce CRM asset, and at the same time improve the sales figures as well as the service rep compliance and effectiveness. To site a live example, let us consider Endeavor. This New York based global non-profit organization which connects entrepreneurs with the industry big-wigs in the emerging and growth markets is a Cirrus Insight customer. They use Salesforce to manage their global operations and Google Apps for their email, calendar and contacts. They have been using Cirrus Insight for quite some time now and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Cirrus helps reduce the extra time and expense of employees tracking valuable information in the CRM systems. Cirrus Salesforce integration is easily weaved into the system by scanning the Gmail for emails and mapping them with relevant customer details from the Salesforce platform. Cirrus Insight presents the pertinent information in a clear, uncluttered and organized way and thus encourages people to use the CRM platform more effectively. There is a reason why Cirrus Insight has been so successful. It allows one to develop critical information by effectively utilizing the information available in the CRM platforms or Salesforce and then takes it forward to the place where the actual decisions are made. This makes the Cirrus Salesforce integration seem like a piece of cake. Further assistance is available on how to use salesforce page.
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