Cloudy with a Chance of Rain: Best Salesforce Articles of November

Winter is here! And with it, a rain of fresh new Salesforce articles comes pouring down right to your browser’s front door. This month’s list of top 8 Salesforce articles and posts continues the diverse line we’ve had for the past couple of months, and expands the variety even to territories not yet explored in this blog. Enjoy!

Tip of the Week – Use simple formulas to supercharge your Salesforce List Views

Kicking off this month’s list is CloudMyBiz’s short, straight to the point tip post. CloudMyBiz’s blog offers many tips that focus on strategic use of formulas to boost productivity and ease Salesforce use, and this one’s no different, Teaching novice admins how to create and work with the “Record Overview” formula.

 How to Describe Complex Designs for Users with Disabilities

While not necessarily a “Salesforce” article, this brilliant piece (written by Salesforce’s Principal Accessibility Specialist Jesse Hausler) dives deep into the fundamentals of user experience (with Salesforce as a case study) and demonstrates beautifully how a developer can make Salesforce accessible to users with various disabilities. Highly recommended.

Salesforce Process Builder: use cases and limitations

This great little article by Sales4K’s Riccardo Gambella focuses on the Lightning Process builder and the many automation features it offers, while also staying fair and true by listing it’s limitations and detailing the ideal places and instances where you can use it instead of, say, APEX. Good job Riccardo! photo-1477244075012-5cc28286e465-1

Here is How Salesforce Can Help Overcoming Data Duplication While Migration

Simpler in nature when compared to the articles above, yet still super useful for any company that’s currently migrating to Salesforce. Aiming to assure users that have heard of the many horrors that can happen to one’s database while migrating to a different CRM platform, HyTechPro’s article offers a couple of powerful AppExchange solutions to this common issue.  

Three Salesforce features I wish I knew about when I was an admin

New to Salesforce? Do all of the above articles sound like Chinese to you? Here’s an article that’s both helpful and extremely readable. Writing from a veteran admin’s point of view, Acumen Solutions’ Senior Salesforce Consultant Tim Van Aelst uses hindsight to filter out the 3 most important features any Salesforce admin should about .
 Make sure you don’t miss any of the great Salesforce features out there…

Should Salesforce interviews be more thorough?

How’s that for a controversial title? Nonetheless, TalentHub’s Ben Duncombe uses his company’s own experience, and reflects on the different types of job interviews in the industry, comparing their difficulty levels and analyzing what they mean for the industry in the long run.

6 things I learned from my first 6 months at Salesforce

With a somewhat lighter note than the previous article, Sofia Rodriguez Mata’s article is an interesting “inside look” of how it is to work at Salesforce, offering many motivational takeaways and lessons every new employee should embrace and learn by heart.

Everything Is Possible, Just Try: An Interview with SharinPix CEO Jean Michel Mougeolle

To wrap up this month’s list, I chose to share with you one of my proudest achievements as the editor of this blog; We’ve recently launched an exciting new monthly series of interviews with Salesforce MVPs! The aptly titled MVP Talk will bring you the best tips, tricks, motivational advices and inside stories from the very best Salesforce users in the world. Be sure to stay tuned for more MVP goodness!
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.