Comprehensive Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners

In this Salesforce tutorial for beginners, you are going to learn what is  Salesforce and how to get started in Salesforce. For startups, Salesforce is the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the market today. It utilizes cloud computing technology which means that users do not require to install any software and neither do they need to purchase a hardware. Companies purchase space on cloud provided by Salesforce to store their data. runs on platform which allows users to develop applications fast and with ease.  

The Components of a Salesforce Tutorial

Besides developing applications, users can also buy ready applications from App Exchange. A CRM, put simply, is a model that is used to manage all the interactions within an organization; be they emails, phone calls, meetings with customers, social media interactions with prospects touching on sales, support and marketing. Having learned what is Salesforce, read on to learn how to get started.  

Logging into Salesforce

Salesforce Login Salesforce login is the process through which Salesforce authenticate the resources available for the users through either a production or a developer account. Before one starts enjoying the great resources provided by Salesforce, they have to create a free account. After the account, one can try the products for free before going for the premium version. Learn how to create an account and login in this Salesforce tutorial for beginners. To create a free developer account, log on to All you need is a valid email address. Push the “Join Now” button and enter your email address and your preferred username. Push the “Sign Me Up” button. An email address will be sent to the email address you entered with an activation link. By clicking the activation link, you will be logged back to the site automatically. Set a password to your account and then log out. To log in to Salesforce, log on to Enter your username and your password and hit the “Submit” button. A new window opens where you are directed to Salesforce home page. On the homepage, you can sign up for your new developer environment with your details; these include name, email, company, country and postal code among others.  

Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners

Setting Profiles The first thing you need to learn to set up in this Salesforce tutorial is Salesforce login hours restriction. This is done to avert logins before or after a given period. To do this, click on Setup, then select Administration, select Manage Users then select Profiles. Select your profile from the list of profile names provided and click Edit. Select Login Hours and click Edit. You will be directed to a table with the seven days of the week from where you set the period for each day. After setting the periods, click Save. Still on Profiles, select your profile name then select IP Ranges from where you set the login IP ranges. Any IP address not within the specified range will get an error. From here, you can start developing and managing your organization. Any problems encountered while using Salesforce can be solved by visiting the Salesforce help desk. There are lots of Salesforce tutorials for beginners on Salesforce University, a platform where one learns Salesforce from Salesforce. The Salesforce tutorial here is well organized. First you need to learn components of Salesforce which include the Menus, then types of data and types of fields then creating custom object, custom tabs and custom views. If you understand this Salesforce tutorial for beginners, you will find it easy learning the rest of Salesforce.
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