Constant Contact for Salesforce Review

Managing contacts is one of the bigger logistical nuisances of business. Over the decades of increasingly digital workplaces, we’ve gone from archaic concepts like virtual contact books, to contact databases, and on to integrating this tracking into SaaS solutions in the recent years. Along with this, they have opened up mass mailing market strategies in an unobtrusive way as well. Contacts are some of the most valuable information a business handles, because to lose contacts, or to mismanage them, is to destroy the leads that build business. Constant Contact is a leading solution for managing data-rich contact entries, covering all channels of communication such as email, telephone, mailing addresses, instant messenger and VoIP screen names and social network accounts. But, to use this means that your CRM solution’s contacts tracking will call for a lot of manual transfer of data out of this system, right? Not anymore, thanks to Constant Contact for Salesforce. We all know that Salesforce is one of, if not the very best CRM solution around, when you balance all the factors. Despite big name developers like Microsoft, Sun and even Google throwing their hats into the CRM ring, Salesforce pretty unanimously comes out on top in every comparison. Despite being expensive and somewhat complicated to get a handle on initially, there’s no denying the seventy five percent chance that your CRM choice is Salesforce. So, if you want to manage your contacts expertly and securely, then you’ll be glad to hear about Constant Contact for Salesforce. Well, assuming this plugin works as advertised or better. And that, of course, is the billion dollar question, isn’t it? It’s a magnificent idea, a simple straightforward plugin that could import and export contact details between Salesforce and Constant Contact seamlessly and automatically, sparing those hours of grueling manual transposition. So, we for one, were delighted to discover that yeah, this thing does do exactly what it claims to do. It will allow you to upload customer email addresses and information directly from Salesforce for great time savings. Along with this, it can transfer bulk lists to Constant Contact with the push of a button, track mail opt out status, and automatically add Salesforce contacts and leads to Constant Contact  do not mail’ lists. If there is one downside to this, it’s that the transfer is somewhat unidirectional, not allowing the transfer from Constant Contact to Salesforce quite as organically as the other direction. However, in most cases, that’s rarely as necessary. Even so, this would be nice, and we are seeing a lot of users requesting this reverse flow to be made more available, on their forums. These developers tend to listen to popular demand, so we can kind of count on them remedying this in the future. More relevant information is available on merging contacts in salesforce page. Given how easy this is to install and use, and the convenience it does bring about, Constant Contact for Salesforce is definitely worth a look and a trial if nothing else. While it probably could stand a couple additional features as we said, it is overall very impressive and quite useful, if you’re a fan of Constant Contact and Salesforce. More relevant information is available on send mass email salesforce page.
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