The Way of Creating and Using Salesforce Email Templates

Today, we’re going to talk a little about creating salesforce email templates. This is a simplistic procedure that requires minimal knowledge of the Salesforce system. Please note that standard account permissions are necessary, so view-only accounts will obviously not work with this. Also note that this will be a general coverage template, so individuality in emails will not be possible. It may be better to handle individual email as special and manual, than to use this if you wish to handle specifics. With that said, let’s proceed. creating email templates in salesforce

Creating Salesforce Email Templates

First, create an email template which satisfies your desires, via the wizard. We have discussed this previously, in other discussions, utilizing VisualForce, the markup language SalesForce  email templates uses . Please refer to it. To do this, in case you have forgotten, first, click Setup->Email->My templates, and then Setup->Communication Templates->Email Templates. Next, click New Template. Select or modify the VisualForce template you like, and click “Next”. Next, choose the folder in which you want it to live. Remember this, because it is important in the future. Avoid lengthy folder or path names for this! Select next which entries it is available for. Afterward, select a template name. Now, provide a unique label for the template. This is a final measure for Salesforce to differentiate the template from others. Next, select an encoding option if you feel such is necessary. Provide next an email subject. Then, provide a recipient. You may now provide a “related to” field if you feel this is necessary. Finally, click “save”. Click “edit template”. Apply the modified VisualForce information to this. Press save now. Remember, this is a broad-covering template, and all whose email addresses are invoked through it will see the same email as a result of the general VisualForce template created for it. This is all there is to create Salesforce email templates, to learn more, visit how to create an email template in salesforce.  
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