Learn How to Create Record Types in Salesforce

The use of technology in today’s world of business has become prevalent especially in managing your company’s future and current customers. Introduction of the customer relationship management which integrates technology to; automate, organize and synchronize sales, customer service, market and technical support, has brought tremendous gains to companies.

To make this customer relationship management more beneficial you need to take learn how to create record types in Salesforce. Customer relationship management is one of the data bases that has specialized interfaces that brings together data resulting to organized and well sorted data for the company.


Are you interested in having the best record types? If so, you need to personalize, make your own record types that will work best in organizing and sorting of data. Learning how to create record types in Salesforce is one of the easiest tasks but there are some Salesforce tips and tricks that need to be brought to your attention. First, you need to be cautious on the edition and more so be sure the edition is found in the enterprise, unlimited and developed editions and you can avoid more mistakes by having the best Salesforce training.


Above all, you are required to have permission to access “Customized applications” field. If by chance you are unable to get permission it’s advisable to indulge with the administrator before you preempt to record records. Here are some of the steps you need to follow when you learn how to create a custom object in Salesforce.


How to Create Record Types in Salesforce


1. From Setup, Click “Customize”

Once you have clicked customize, ensure you select one of the objects. You will have to decide on one of the objects; personal accounts or campaigns. For personal account record, once navigating from the setup click Customize> Accounts> Person Accounts. On the other hand for Campaign member; from setup click Customize> Campaigns> Campaign Members. Once you have accomplished the above click ‘Record Types’ and go ahead by clicking ‘New’. Pick the master out of the available record type drop-down the entire list to have a copy of all the possible pick lists values or you can decide to go for the already existing record type so as to clone its pick list values.


2. Definition of the Record Type Label

Come up with a well-defined label that is unique and matches with the object. Give it a record type name also so as to be well-defined. How to create record types in Salesforce incorporates varied developers, thus there is the need to come up with a name that has some sense of meaning and understanding. You can attend Salesforce tutorials to ensure create the best and unique name for the object. Make sure the name is within the object definition and expounded by a brief description of the created record type.  

3. Go to ‘Enable For Profile’

This is done in relation to those profiles that are in your wish lists that are needed to be enabled. For purpose of making some record types default make a selection on ‘Make Default’. Proceed by clicking next; make a choice on the page layout that will appear as template for the record types. Finally, click the save option so as to save your record type. If you have intentions of creating more records, click the ‘Save and New’ to avoid starting from the scratch and this becomes the best way how to create record types in Salesforce.

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