Learning How to Merge Leads in Salesforce

It is crucial to learn a wide range of Salesforce tricks so that you can be able to manage records properly, including how to merge leads in Salesforce. Online research will show different Salesforce tutorials which can be useful to both new and experienced users. It is paramount to know that there are 2 major methods that a user can use to merge leads in Salesforce. The two ways are; using appropriate software, which can really save the user a lot of effort and time, and doing it manually, which is quite tiresome.


A manual merging entails looking for every lead & finding its duplicates according to the software. And then you scrutinize all the individual records and verify that they are really duplicates that should be merged. After that, you can continue with the merging process. After that, it will result in a single comprehensive lead. The software alternative involves buying and installing appropriate software that will make it easier to merge records. This can either be done automatically, with the permission of the user, or by making sure that no duplicates are made in the first place. You can look for Salesforce training material and learn more.


Below are 8 steps on how to merge leads in Salesforce manually

Steps on How to Merge Leads in Salesforce

1. Choose a lead record that you know or suspect to have duplicates

2. Click the button `Find Duplicates` at the top of the lead record

A Duplicates search page will appear in five sections. It is important to know that the first section always determines the way you want to search Salesforce for Duplicates. Salesforce will look for a duplicate that has a matching email address, name, phone number, or company by default. The other four sections will show you any matching contact, account, opportunity records, or lead, based on the default matching criteria.

3. Deselect or select search criteria boxes to expand or narrow your search. In order to return updated results, you need to click `search` button.

Records that match any of the selected search criteria will appear in the sections that are appropriate.

4. Review duplicate lead records & select utmost 3 records that you will merge

It is important to note that in Salesforce, it is possible to merge 3 records at a time only.

5. In the Matching Leads related list, click `Merge Leads` button

A merge leads page will appear. The page will display side by side the records that are selected and all the fields which have been completed.

6. Compare your information & select the radio buttons to select all values that you need to retain

Also, at the top of every column, you can choose to retain all the values from a single record by just clicking the `Select All` link.


Final steps on how to merge leads in Salesforce

7. Click `Merge` button after finishing your review.

A pop-up window will appear. This will prompt you to confirm that you really want to do the merge.

8. Click OK to validate

The merge lead will reappear. All records from any related lists will be kept. In case you are experiencing any problem just contact Salesforce help desk.


The above are 8 steps on how to merge leads in Salesforce. You can also learn how to check Salesforce edition for more information.

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