The Benefits of Mailing Technology Using Mass Emails In Salesforce

After adopting Salesforce CRM for your business, you have taken the brave path to data management success. The next steps are customization and streamlining data collection. Once you have all these in place, the next challenge is to send your mails to the different stakeholders informing them about your program.

Sending mass emails in Salesforce virtually an inevitable requirement especially if you have more than 500 people to send information to. Some establishments need to send over 1000 mails per day and native Salesforce mailing tools cannot support these requirements. This is why you need effective strategies in place to send mass emails in Salesforce. There are various salesforce mass email technologies you can exploit and they have several straightforward benefits.  

How do you send mass emails in Salesforce?

One popular question users have is how to send mass emails in Salesforce. It is something many established businesses have achieved and simple techniques can help you achieve the same feat. There are about 15 or more tools that perfectly integrate with salesforce to enable mass email sending. When looking for the right solution for your business, consider an option that allows you to track the following:

• Sent mails • Opened mails • Clicked links and link performance • Unsubscribed subscriptions and opt-outs • Bounces, type of bounce and reason for the bounce • Spams and complaints


Once you find the right tool that allows sending mass emails, the next step will is to estimate and economize your data footprint. The enterprise edition of Salesforce for instance provides each single user with about 200MB of storage and a minimum 1GB for the entire company.  You can learn How to check salesforce edition. However, sending about 15,000 emails per week, while using custom objects to represent each sent mail, will use about 1.5GB of disk space by the end of the year. This is without other engagements on Salesforce. Do your math and estimate the data footprint needed. You can open manual archiving strategy that relocates emails that are over 6 months old.


Advantages of Mass Email Technologies

The easiest way to send mass emails in Salesforce is through integrating various mass emailing tools into your environment. Once you have the perfect tool that tracks all the metrics mentioned above, you will gain valuable metrics that can be used in future decision making. Tracking sent and opened mails and how links performed will help you device a better strategy to get your messages delivered and used in such a way that promotes sales.

The technology also brings the efficiency of automation and increases your reach while consuming less time in sending and tracking mails. You can schedule mails to be sent on a specific date and monitor how each was received. You will also be able to monitor performance and resend mails that ended in spam boxes. Salesforce also provides different incredible tools to help you users with managing marketing data.  


Sending mass emails in Salesforce is something that any sales team will need to learn. Mass emails are becoming a popular way of reaching customers and spreading promotion messages to prospect leads. However, you must devise the right strategy for archiving and managing the received metrics. This will allow economy of resources and increased environment organization both which are crucial to Salesforce effectiveness.

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