Simplify Follow-ups by Discovering How to Send a Mass Email in Salesforce

Knowing how to send a mass email in Salesforce is pivotal for your organization. Even with so many social media outlets email remains the best and primary mode of communication with customers, leads, partners, donors and even vendors. Keeping people in the loop is critical and yet can be difficult when tasked with emailing them all one-by-one. Sending email blasts can be achieved by using the CRM capabilities of native Salesforce. However, there are other specialized email applications that might be incorporated to achieve the same. Before looking at the process of how to create a mass email, it is critical to keep a few things in mind as detailed below.

These are the elements that will come to play when you are sending mass email:



There are three main Salesforce email templates options. You can create text, HTML or Visualforce. The first two can be created with or without a letterhead. These two are also very easy to create and learning how to create an email template in Salesforce is not complicated at all; just choose the options that you want on the platform to implement what you want. Visualforce templates, on the other hand, are a bit complicated because they incorporate more advanced features allowing for multiple record creation in Salesforce.



Another element that will come to play when you are preparing on how to send a mass email in Salesforce is the edition. There are three Salesforce editions which include professional, enterprise and unlimited edition. Learning how to check Salesforce edition is easy; just click on ‘your name’, then ‘setup’ and finally ‘administration setup’. At the top of the page, you will see which edition you are using. Editions are important because they limit the number of email addresses you can send per day. The unlimited edition will allow for a total of 1000 emails while the enterprise edition will provide for 500 emails a day. Professional edition users will only get to send 250 emails a day.


This is how to send a mass email in Salesforce

Begin by selecting the type of recipients needed. It can be to ‘mass email contacts’, ‘mass email leads’, or ‘mass email users’. The tools section will help you choose the options that are suitable for you. By clicking ‘go,’ you will select a list view of the desired recipients. This is a good time to remove any undesired recipient. Click ‘next’ to choose the desired email templates. Keep in mind that the Visualforce template cannot be used for mass email. The next step is to preview your template and make sure it looks the way you want.


Clicking ‘next’ will lead you to a confirmation page where you will have options on processing, BCC, user signature among others. Customize in a way that works best for you. The next thing will be to click ‘Send now’ if you wish to have the mass email delivered immediately. However, you can choose to schedule the email and have it delivered at a time that suits your potential readers best. Next, click on ‘send’ to submit the task. Finally, click ‘finished’ to complete. As you can see, learning how to send a mass email in Salesforce is straightforward. Just follow the simple steps provided above.

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