Double Feature Best of the Month List: Top Salesforce Articles + Bonus Dreamforce Tip Section!

As Dreamforce draws near, I felt the need to create another DF article list. Eventually I settled for a two-part monthly list, covering both Dreamforce and general Salesforce tips. I’ve had the pleasure of reading some truly helpful articles this month, which I am happy to share with you now. Let’s go!  

Part  1 – Dreamforce:

First of all- the internet is PACKED with Dreamforce tip articles (even I joined the party– a couple of times!) And to be honest, most lists tend to repeat themselves. So, I took the liberty of TL;DR-ing the most repeated tip: Wear Comfortable Shoes! Now that we’re done with the basics, here are some informative articles, written by Dreamforce veterans, which will help you make the most out of DF15.

1. Where to Sleep At Dreamforce?

Elizabeth Davidson- the lady behind ‘A force to be reckoned with’ blog, is no stranger to Dreamforce. So if there’s anyone you should consider taking notes from regarding all things DF, she’s the one. This post covers anything around the lodging issue, as one might have trouble balancing maximum time at the convention with minimal expenses. Check it out.  

2. 6 Things you should do whilst in San Francisco

Salesforce consultant Phil Walton has a great blog full of weekly tips that are usually very short and informative. This post is no exception- Barely three paragraphs, but still jammed with useful information for any DF newcomer. Besides, the places mentioned are exactly my taste. Cheers!  

3. Salesforce MVPs to follow on Twitter before #DF15

Some of your Dreamforce networking should start before you even embark on your journey to SF, and social media is where it’s all at. At best, you’ll find new connections, potential customers etc. (whatever your goal is), and at worst- you’ll gain some helpful tips from people who know Dreamforce better. Lucky for you, NewVoiceMedia’s Nicola Brookes compiled a list of Salesforce MVPs (most of them are also bloggers and post frequently) to help you do just that. GO FOR IT!  

4. Get Your Dreamforce Ducks in a Row with These 5 Pro-Tips

Closing the first half of this month’s list is one of my own DF tip posts- covering the more psychological aspects that should be considered in order to maximize your gain- both business-wise and fun-wise.  

Part 2 – Salesforce:


1. Power of One: The Most Brilliant Analytics Trick of All Time

If you’re using analytics, you’ve probably heard of an analytics ‘hack’ called The Power of One. The Power of One lets you view reports of all opportunities, from all of the accounts you have. The next article, written by Brent Downey of, addresses issues with The Power of One that’ll both help new users understand its purpose, and make older users’ lives a lot easier.

2. A Salesforce Encryption Guide for The Paranoid

In the world of cloud-based platforms, a large portion of a company’s data is stored online.  Some of it might be sensitive information. In these cases, security measures should definitely be taken- and this great post by Algoworks’ Pratyush Kumar covers everything you need to know on data encryption in the Salesforce platform.

3. The 4 People Salesforce’s New Lightning Experience Affects the Most

Most of us haven’t even had the chance to get used to the new features of the Summer 15′ release, and the internet is already buzzing about the new Lightning feature, a part of the Winter 15′ release.  The feature covers a wide range of elements and areas, and this could make it a bit confusing to the average Salesforce user. This article by Cloud Sherpas’ Steven Herod outlines the new features, as well as detailing exactly to whom exactly  each feature is helpful, and why.  

4. Your Lightning Experience NEW Salesforce How-To Guide!

Speaking of Lightning- last but not least comes one of the most helpful guest posts to be published here on Rainforce- as Walkme’s Salesforce master Roy Gilad takes you step by step through the setup of the new feature. Always a pleasure to have him onboard!                                                                                        
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