The most anticipated Salesforce conference of the year is happening NOW, and I’m here to keep you updated on all the exciting news by blogging live updates! Make sure you stop by booths  N1928 & W232 and meet the incredible WalkMe team! September 18, 2015. 6:15am Yesterday was so hectic, with great events and announcements, that I could not find a second to update this live(ish) blog. To sum up, the main focus was on Salesforce Lightning’s strong roadmap, which is also being used by Salesforce internally, to create their own products. Moreover, “Lightning Man” himself, Parker Harris, promised to continue making it better with time, and I can’t wait to know what else is in store! 20150917_110754 (1)
  September 18, 2015. 12:15am Ladies and Gentlemen: Foo Fighters!
  September 17, 2015. 6:15pm To sum up…Here are Dreamforce’s biggest announcements so far
  1. Salesforce Analytics Cloud will get Wave actions, embedded dashboards and Lightning reports.
  2. Salesforce goes cloud with IoT transformation.
  3. SalesforceIQ was launched, for Sales Cloud and for Small Business
  4. Microsoft and Salesforce take their partnership to the next level, with Office and Skype Salesforce integrations, plus Salesforce1 mobile integration for Windows 10.
September 16, 2015. 09:43pm Microsoft and Salesforce Embark on a Shared Journey One of the biggest Dreamforce announcements so far!  Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, announced the new partnership with Salesforce and said that “furthering our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, is the motivating force behind our partnership with Salesforce.” This new partnership will occur as part of Salesforce’s “Internet of Things” transformation and will be launched in six months, in partnership with Microsoft Azure.
September 16, 2015. 5:09pm Marc Benioff, the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce gave the Keynote remarks today. Benioff was named one of the Smartest 50 People in Tech by Fortune Magazine in 2010 and Executive of the Year by the San Francisco Business Times in 2009, “for defying the fierce economic downdraft–and taking the lead role in the creation of an industry.”  
  September 16, 2015. 8:09am Startstruck! Entourage start Adrian Grenier talks technology and television 🙂 adrian  
September 16, 2015. 3:37am The WalkMe Dreamforce party rocked Dreamforce! We had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came out! It was a blast.
September 15, 2015. 7:10pm BIG  Salesforce IoT  Announcement– Salesforce announced the brand new Salesforce Internet of Things Cloud, which will be built on the all-new Thunder platform. Together with SalesforceIQ, the IoT transformation signifies the company’s transition into a new period, a period in which it’ll be able to offer predictive and real-time data ability to improve sales.” Steve Loughlin, founder and CEO of SalesforceIQ, said: “The future of CRM is intelligent…This kicks back to the core of why RelateIQ existed: there’s an explosion of data, but with it comes a challenge of how to filter it so that reps become smarter and more productive.”
September 15, 2015. 4:10pm We’re showing two interested visitors how WalkMe is revolutionizing user experience for Salesforce users. Would you like your own personal demo? Click here. IMG-20150916-WA0006 (1)  
  September 15, 2015. 11:37am The WalkMe Panda Bear and WalkMe Racoon are amped up for Dreamforce! You can probably find them walking around or dancing outside! Come over and say “Hi”! IMG_20150915_231647 (2)
  September 14, 2015. 9:02pm The Next Generation of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud is here! Salesforce announced new Wave functionality across the entire Salesforce platform today. New Wave Analytics Apps bring the power and capabilities of Wave Analytics to additional departments and user types within Salesforce. Specifically, there is now Wave for Sales called the Sales Wave and Wave for Support called the Service Wave. The Sales Wave empowers your sales department with mobile, self-service analytics and the Service Wave promises to enhance your customer experience by combining 3 elements: service acceleration, agile exploration and action taking.
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