Dupecatcher Salesforce Review

Introduction Welcome to Dupecatcher Salesforce review and get to know good news it has for you. In the recent past, duplicate records in Salesforce have been a problem for many organizations. A common scenario arises when you try to search for a contact(s) of a particular person and you will be puzzled to get multiple results of the same individual. Ideally, an organized office should never have such a case as it may lead to confusion and even loss of vital information. In this regard, this article presents you with a review of a potential solution as it unfolds an amazing application called DupeCatcher; designed, created, and distributed by Symphonic Source. Overview Dupecatcher Salesforce is a well-designed application that can be used in every organization to identify potential duplicate accounts, leads, and contact records in near real-time basis at the point-of-entry. The application is very important during the time when users are creating new records as it alerts them that there may be similar records that already exists in their Salesforce system, and thus, duplication will reduce significantly. These alerts become active as soon as a user-defined criteria and conditions are fulfilled. The criterion used in Dupecatcher Salesforce to detect duplications is based on either custom or standard field on an account, lead, or contact records. It is important to understand that the above application does not work effectively with any batch process designed to upload records to Salesforce. For instance, any record introduced by the Data Loader, or data uploaded by the normal import function(s), or data inserted by a third party application(s), and so on will not be analyzed and evaluated by Dupecatcher Salesforce application. In addition, the above app is not entirely used to search for duplicate records in Salesforce, but the product is used to bar the creation of new duplicate contacts, accounts, and lead records. Benefits that Dupecatcher Salesforce Offers to its Users The following are the major benefits that users are going to enjoy after successfully installing and using the above application in their Salesforce systems:
  • It identifies and thereafter, merges or blocks duplicate leads, contacts, and even accounts since they are added in near real time basis
  •  For a blocked record(s), it instantly override it while creating a duplicate if need be
  • It enables organizations to obtain, retain, and maintain already established data quality standards leading to a clean database system
  •  It is quite easy to install; one-click install through the ‘Salesforce AppExchange’ is just what is needed to have the app in your systems
Other vital details of the above application Dupecatcher Salesforce application is free on the Salesforce AppExhange and can be downloaded anytime anywhere. Once you have successfully downloaded it, installation takes approximately five minutes while the configuration of alerts and filters takes more time, close to half an hour. There are three available Salesforce versions; commonly Professional, Unlimited, and Enterprise-the choice is yours. All these versions are compatible to any browser(s) with Salesforce application(s). Conclusion From the above review, it is beyond reproach that the above application is a great product that can be used to prevent duplication of records from being entered manually into Salesforce. As stated earlier in the previous sections, it is free with amazing documentation to follow, easy to install, and above all, simple to configure to any Salesforce systems. In this regard, try Dupecatcher Salesforce today and you will be filled with joy and satisfaction while enjoying the above stated benefits.    
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