Easy Salesforce Implementation Using Walkme

Given the massive power and scope of Salesforce, implementing it into your company’s existing CRM system can seem like an impossible task. Your CRM department has nothing to fear. Although Salesforce may seem daunting to learn and equally daunting to teach, it is actually a user-friendly system. Fortunately, there is a lot of learning documentation out there for Salesforce (in no small part thanks to the developers who understood that there would be a need for such things). However, Tutorials and instruction manuals are not enough. Additional learning tools may be required in order to learn Salesforce with speed and accuracy. This is where Walkme comes in. We all know how wonderful WalkMe is as a teaching and self-service tool for website onboarding. Well, it also happens to be the greatest tool for aiding any company with their Salesforce implementation. First and foremost, Walkme can be integrated (through inherent interoperability between the two systems) with Salesforce, as a real-time teaching and monitoring tool to guide your CRM department on the ins-and-outs of Salesforce. Walkme accomplishes this easily via actual experience in trial and error. Beyond this, Walkme improves efficiency and speed. When using Salesforce, Walkme aids CRM workers in real time – as they operate the system. Walkme uses a content-aware, intelligent design to spot patterns of user confusion, obfuscation and inefficiency. It then recommends better options and leads you through a set of operations to complete your goal. This speeds up critical processes for the departments that utilize Salesforce, making the team faster and more efficient, all around. WalkMe brings more to the table than just optimization and the training of CRM staff for Salesforce; it brings the power of self service to the user. With its interoperability with Salesforce and Visualforce (used for designing plugins to accept more data from WalkMe), customers can now interact indirectly – yet directly – with Salesforce, in order to handle much of their own CRM needs. These needs typically include placing orders, looking up account information and billing history, disputing charges and other such common tasks. WalkMe can control Salesforce and relay critical information to the customer – without the customer needing access to Salesforce (a quite dangerous scenario). WalkMe is easy to set up, easy to customize and easy to program. Through its point and click development environment, Walkme integrates the configuration and implementation process of Salesforce quite well. Simply put, these systems were built to interact with one another. Walkme and Salesforce flow together with no additional steps required to ‘make it work’. All it takes is a little understanding of Salesforce, a basic introduction to WalkMe and a bit of Visualforce programming. Backed by the most powerful CRM software available and the most intuitive tutorial and content management system. Salesforce and WalkMe combine into one solid, amazing package. Self service is the way of the future -and WalkMe is the key. Without a doubt, Walkme is the best self service system out there, for any SaaS or web-based environment. With Salesforce becoming the leader in CRM, it is only logical to embrace the future of online business by marrying these two powerhouses to create a truly unstoppable system.  
Amanda is the Lead Author & Editor of Rainforce Blog. Amanda established the Rainforce blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Salesforce usage.