The Functionality of Email to Case in Salesforce

If you are searching for a service that will help you to better respond to your customers’ concerns and inquiries then Email to Case Salesforce may just be the solution you’re looking for. This particular service is designed to help companies correspond with their customers via email, and efficiently resolve any concerns that they might have.

The system is relatively simple. Whenever one of your customers sends a message to those email addresses you specify, Salesforce will automatically create cases and auto-populate their case fields. This process simplifies interaction between your company and its customer base, thus making the entire process easier to manage. So if you need email processing solutions then Email to Case Salesforce has the services you need.

What is Salesforce?

In order to appreciate the benefits Email to Case, it’s important to review Salesforce basics. Salesforce is essentially a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, and prides itself as having the leading enterprise cloud ecosystem, Like most CRM platforms, Salesforce assists companies and organizations in connecting with their customers using the latest social, mobile and cloud-based technology.

Salesforce’s products and services are designed to help organizations optimize their sales, market and customer support. In the case of the Email to Case, this particular product is designed to provide improved email marketing solutions. Thanks to Email to Case, Salesforce is able support their clients’ emails and respond to larger volumes of concerns and inquiries.

What Does Email to Case Salesforce Offer?

Email to Case Salesforce allows you to maintain all existing email traffic within your network’s firewall, which in turn allows you to accept emails bigger than 25 MB. Salesforce will also process your company’s support emails as soon as you have installed the required agent on your device. In short, Email to Case is a functional system designed to help your business respond to its customer’s email messages.


How to Set Up Email to Case

You won’t need the best Salesforce training in order to set up Email to Case . In fact, the entire system is quite easy to figure out. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can set it up for your company:

Step 1 You will need to download Email to Case Agent and then install it behind your network’s firewall. This software will allow you to keep all of your company’s email-related traffic within your company’s network firewall, while accepting emails larger than 25 MB from your clients. Step 2 Activate Email to Case and configure its settings. Step 3 – You will need to configure your routing address settings. This is done so that Salesforce will process your customer’s emails in the way that you want. Step 4 – Test your routing addresses by manually sending out a few emails. After they have been sent, you will need to verify if your test emails were converted to cases based on your routing address setting. Step 5 – Add your recently configured email address into your organization’s support site. This new email address can then be used by your customers to send out cases to your support team. Step 6 – Add emails-related list to your Cases page layout. Additionally, you can also try creating a few templates which agents can use when they reply to customer emails. After you have completed this installation process, your Email to Case Salesforce system will now be operational, and your company can start processing customer emails more efficiently.
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