Enterasys Networks Utilizes Salesforce to Success

Salesforce can be used in various ways to bring a clear return on investment for sales teams across a variety of industries. Whether leading to an increase in overall productivity, or an increased conversion rate, efficient and smart use of the CRM is widespread. Here is one recent example. Enterasys Networks is known for its wireless and wired network infrastructure, management and security solutions. Let’s look at Enterasys’ most recent Service Cloud investment project to support service entitlement tracking and management. According to the company, In order to provide better services to customers, Enterasys equipped its agents with an efficient way of understanding various customer-related subjects, such as their service history, maintenance contract, and technology footprint. In the process, Enterasys faced some challenges due to several reasons. For instance, it had over 18,000 customers from across 70 countries and the service contracts, processes and policies it offered varied from one system or region to another. Further, some partners’ systems and applications where beyond Enterasys’ immediate control, especially, in situations where Enterasys offers a model that was 3-tiered, but the partner required only tier 1 support. Also, in cases where customers were making service requests, it was very challenging to identify legitimate customers’ requests for service. In effort to overcome these challenges, Enterasys came up with several strategies. It mapped out indirect orders, direct orders, major data elements, product returns, service contracts, and started to develop interfaces, custom objects and data feeds. These constituted the initial phase. Afterwards, Enterasys engaged with Salesforce implementation partner Appirio in order to speed up development, design, and the testing processes. One of the crucial tools they employed was an interface that enabled service agents to search for service contracts, make direct orders for data, and initiate payment in the process. What is more, Enterasys incorporated platforms, such as Salesforce and Force.com, which helped with its development in offering applications on global service management for tracking products and related support contracts. Through this project, Enterasys empowered its service agents on how to build overall partner and customer relationship, reduced costs on service inventory, and also came up with more service revenue opportunities. According to analysis firm Nucleus Research, Enterasys increased its revenues by 10% and its productivity rose by 9%. In other words, the strategy that was employed in overcoming the challenges yielded positive results for the project.  
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