Eventbrite Salesforce – What You Need to Know

Eventbrite Salesforce is a well-known event management and CRM solution.

Background of Eventbrite Salesforce

Eventbrite refers to an event management tool that normally makes it simpler to create, promote, manage and also sell out your own event. Most of the charities and firms are currently using Eventbrite for their own events and also Salesforce purposely for their customer relationship management. It is known to make sense since it is very easy to set up, make advertisement and sell your own events. In that case, once you realize then the people have turned up, then there will be lots of recommended and easy ways to sign people in. Salesforce is considered to be the number one CRM system that is normally used to keeping track of the donors, customers or even anyone else who is willing to engage with you. In addition to that, whether you are running free or paid events, Eventbrite is the perfect tool to assist you. Also, if you are running using Salesforce, the Eventbrite connector will actually act as the missing link. If you need to import your Eventbrite data into your Salesforce, then this will surely be easy for you since there is a common and well-known tool that will have to help you in importing your own events one by one. In Eventbrite Salesforce , there is something known as the cloud genius connector. This normally scans all the Eventbrite events you have and uses the present data to update the campaign members you have. If in this case, there are no people existing in your own database, then you will have a chance to have them created as contacts or leads (together with an associated account). Eventbrite Salesforce is well trusted simply because it completes all of the tasks you need. It can also run on a regular basis throughout the whole day and it is really economical when it comes to terms of API calls. Another important factor is that it normally uses an advanced type of data cleansing techniques in order to reduce the data amount that is brought into your own sales environment. You can also decide to set a list of the account names that should be ignored. Eventbrite Salesforce also works with the nonprofit starter pack which is installed. The connector in Eventbrite Salesforce is normally free and more so fairly straightforward. Therefore, it can even complete a one-way sync from Eventbrite to Salesforce. So, Salesforce will have the ability to grab all the necessary information concerning your attendees, and also report on it. Usually, the connector may create a campaign and also attach the imported lead/contact to the campaign. You will be better off creating your campaign first so you can decide to add member status such as Attended or no-show. In Eventbrite Salesforce, the main functionality is very practical. For instance, if a mixture of contacts and leads attended your own event, as well as also the new records, the connector will have to update the existing leads and contacts. The connector normally matches the known existing records based on the email address. While you are able to import the attendees just after the event, you are also able to import those who register before the event. Neither campaign nor duplicate members’ record will have to be created. This particular connect may also help in bringing in the discount code and payment amount, although it cannot bring in any extra questions you might have taken your own time to ask. The payment is usually brought in at none other than the campaign member record. Apart from that, if any contact leaves the company name to be blank, which is common, especially for a B2C kind of event, then the known contact record will have  blank accounts. You can  match them later on your own time by just putting the contact in the individual account. In conclusion, for you to understand more about Eventbrite Salesforce here are some of its great features: · Normally records the tickets that are checked in. · It normally associates the imported contacts or leads to a certain campaign. · It usually remembers your preferred option selection purposely for the future import. · It optionally creates opportunity records whenever payment transactions are present. · Helps in connecting to an eventbrite account that is from within the salesforce and also read the information concerning the registrants, attendees and events. · It is known to be selective in the sense that it normally imports the selected event registrant and also the attendee information into the salesforce and also match on the e mail address optionally. If you are looking for an event ticketing service and CRM solution, then Eventbrite Salesforce is for you. For additional materials regarding using data, please reffer to importing data into salesforce.
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