February’s Top 8 Salesforce Articles & Posts

February was a great month for interesting Salesforce-related content! I think this month’s list is the most well rounded, well balanced ‘Best Of’ I’ve compiled yet. HOORAY! But seriously now, I hope you’ll learn from these expert opinions as much as I have.  

1. A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers

Ashish Agarwal is a man worth following. An independent Salesforce Architect, consultant and trainer, Ashish often writes posts that bridge the gaps between developers and admins. As admins, you probably find all that “developer stuff” quite intimidating- but Ashish’s posts are comprehensible and easygoing. Enjoy!  

2.  Do I really need a Salesforce Architect in my project?

You can probably guess the answer is yes, but why is that? By breaking down and explain the various roles a Salesforce Architect plays when a new project is born- Enrique Díaz proves how crucial it is to have one onboard.  

3.   The Best Salesforce Apps You’re Probably Not Using

A couple of weeks ago I made a special Academy Awards themed post that featured Oscar worthy apps from AppExchange. But as you know, there are always great movies that go completely under the academy’s radar becoming cult classics. The same goes for Salesforce Apps! In another great LinkedIn find Forcivity’s Jamie Carpenter has compiled a great list of apps you’re probably not using but definitely should!  

4.   Cloud-Based Accounting Software

You can always count on AdminHero’s Brent Downey to come up with interesting and original topics, and this one does not disappoint. Among Salesforce’s many awesome features, there are some… less useful ones, and Brent lines them up in a surprisingly informative and entertaining post.  

 5.   5 Tips to Rock Your Next Salesforce Demo!

You don’t necessarily have to be a keynote speaker to have presentations and briefings take a good chunk of your time at work. Granted, not everyone is a skilled public speaker, but boy oh boy have I seen some horrors throughout the years! The thing is, improving this skill isn’t that hard. It usually revolves around self-awareness and confidence, but there are other tips that can prove very useful.  This article is bound to help you nail that next presentation.  

6.   Introduction to Salesforce Security Health Check

Launched as part of the Spring 16′ release, Salesforce Security Health Check lets admins evaluate the Salesforce Org Security Configuration at a glance. This short article by Sumit Jain provides a great introduction to this much needed feature.  

7.    6 Things You Must Know Before Creating A Salesforce Training Program

Creating a training program is a huge challenge, no matter what skill we’re talking about, and even the most basic elements can prove to be pretty hard to explain to others. So, what do you do when you have to figure out the best way to train employees in a platform that seems to have endless features? This article may have the answers you’re looking for.  

8.   Xero vs QuickBooks Online from a Salesforce Perspective

This awesome guest post by Salesforce consultant Stony Grunow pits two cloud-based accounting softwares head to head from a Salesforce perspective. Which one works best with Salesforce? Find out here.  
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