Step by Step of How to Add Fields in Salesforce

Step One

This is how to add fields in Salesforce. Go to the management setting of the object that you want to add to your Salesforce field, click the fields after which you will find a custom task and the event fields, go to the object management setting then click new, you can also go to the custom object and create a field dependencies and history tracking fields in this section which will help and guide you on how to send mass email in Salesforce.


Step Two

How to Add Fields in Salesforce

Ensure that you choose the right kind of field that you want before clicking the next button but consider the following.

You must ensure that all the parameters and the governing rules are all enforced, this drives and shows all the user how to interact and respond to all the corresponding fields. Salesforce provides you with numerous types of fields that you can choose from. The types that are available when you create your custom field are only but the subsets of the main field.

Remember that some data types are always available in certain configuration. The custom setting and the external objects will only allow the subsets of data types that are available in the system. You cannot add any kind of multi- select picklist, dependent picklist or rich text area. The summary roll up option only exists on certain objects. Bear in mind that if you uses the shield platform encryption you must be able to operate and understand how you can encrypt the custom field using your organizational shield platform encryption by following the details you will be able to know how to create a report in Salesforce and how to add fields in Salesforce.


Step Three

Ensure that you configure the attributes of the field

Remember that all the fields that you have created have attributes that defines them. The attributes can be names, length or even color text, but some attributes may provide numerous meanings and that will giving an opportunity to use them in different scenarios. Ensure that you are well familiar with all the attributes before you create your Salesforce field.

Attributes that a field must have.

– The Field Label- this is the name that is displayed to the user.

– Field Name- this name that differentiate you from other users, ensure that your field name contain only the alphanumeric characters and the underscores, it must begin with letters and end with a number or letter and show you how to create email template in Salesforce.

– Description- this text is available merely for references purpose, it is used to elaborate and explain the purpose of the field that you have created. You should also ensure that you populate your description even though the reason for adding a field is obvious this will show you how to create email template in Salesforce and how to schedule a report in Salesforce.


Step Four

This is the most important detail that you should take care of, ensure that you have establish a permission entrance to your new field. After setting your field type and setting the attributes you have to set a visibility of and also access to the fields across. There are options that you can choose from when creating security protocol for your account, you can either use the Table B1-1 this is a matrix which can either a read only columns visible which you can edit with the assistance of CRUD which means create, read, update and delete this gives you all the information on how to create email template in Salesforce.

If you are looking for tips on how to add fields in Salesforce and strengthen your returns on investment then this article gives you all the information that you need to know about create an amazing workforce and add field and how to schedule a report in Salesforce.

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