How to Create a Custom Object in Salesforce – Practical Tips

Most of the people are not aware of what custom objects is. A custom object is a database table whose properties are unique and can be used for automation. The field stores special data used by companies. If you want to track the usage of your organization, a custom report should be created with the primary user license. All the custom objects by default are in fact application objects in an enterprise. Therefore, it is important to know how to create a custom object in Salesforce.

How to Create Object in Salesforce – An Effective Process

The following are the guidelines on how to check Salesforce edition and how to create a custom object in Salesforce:

Step One

From the setup, you need to use the quick box to enter tabs. Consequently, select the tabs. In the custom object related list, click new. After that, select the custom objects for displaying in the custom tab.

Step Two

The new tab’s label is similar to the plural version of the custom’s object label. After undergoing the above process, the next step is to click the tab style lookup icon in order to display the tab selector. If the tab selector is used already, a number which is enclosed in brackets will appear close to the tab style name. What you need to do is to click “hide” which is used in the tab for filtering the list.

Step Three

When you want to select the custom tab icon and the color scheme, you need to Click tab style. Alternatively, you can create your own style on the dialogue tab style selector. For the creation of your own tab style: The color lookup icon is clicked so as to display the color selection dialog as well as clicking a color for selection purposes. Click “insert an image”, choose the document folder and select the image which you would like to use. An alternative method is to click the” insert image” entering a search image and click on” go” so that you can find the document’s name included in the search term.

Step Four

A custom link is then chosen so as to select a link for using as an introductory splash page when there are users who have initially clicked on the tab. A file is selected and clicked “Ok”. This will display a new custom tab.

Step Five

This is another step which should be followed on how to customize Salesforce. A description of the tab is entered and you can click next.

Step Six

The sixth step is to choose the user profile in which the latest custom tab is available. The process involves setting visibility to default on for Salesforce platform one license and professional edition users.

Step Seven

The step involves specifying the custom apps which should be included in the new tab. as a result; you will not have any problem on how to schedule a report in Salesforce.

Step Eight

To the existing personal customization, append tab to users is selected. By doing so, the display settings is customized

Step Nine

The last step is to click “save”. You will see the tab right away depending on the setting’s visibility. Hence, you will have achieved your objective of creating email templates in Salesforce.


The steps highlighted will give you a hint on how to create a custom object in Salesforce. As a result, all your problems regarding Salesforce will be handled effectively.
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