Follow Along – Salesforce’s Success Story

$52 Billion. Did I get your attention?   That’s what Salesforce’s Market Capitalization is worth as of 2016. The company has become one of the most highly valued cloud computing companies in the U.S, but like most companies, it had humble beginnings.   The Salesforce info-graphic below highlights the company’s birth 15 years ago in 1999, to the peak of its success today. Also included are its global strategic partners, sections of application uses and and their digital global footprint by country presence. It is amazing to see how far Salesforce has developed over the years.     According to a study by IDC, Salesforce is also sharing the profits with their partners, while also scooping up acquisitions along the way to strengthen their offering.  

“By 2020, for every dollar Salesforce makes, the company’s ecosystem will gain $4.14.”

  The future of the Salesforce Brand is strong, enabling $1.9 million new jobs and $389 billion in revenue over the next five years. It’s looking like the sky might not be the limit for the humble Salesforce Cloud.
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