Google Launches AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

  Many marketers are using Google AdWords to launch campaigns and boost sales. Although companies will often see an increase in sales, they may have a hard time linking the sale back to it’s AdWord source. This is the reason why Google is introducing AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce. (It would be nice if there was an abbreviation, like ACIS) Jon Dioro, the Product Manager for AdWords phrases the problem as such:   “For many marketers, dealing with the technology and scale necessary to tie offline conversions back to the keywords and ads that drive them can be a difficult task. Often, they have to make important decisions based on aggregated data from different sources or no data at all, making it difficult to understand the true value of their AdWords campaigns.”  

How does it work?

Users first will link their Salesforce and AdWords accounts, after doing so they will be able to choose which milestones they would like to track and count as conversions. When a visitor finds your website through an ad, your website will capture a unique ID that links the visitor to the ad clicked on. When the visitor click on a lead form, the click ID information is then passed on to Salesforce along with the corresponding lead and other sale opportunities. The UK’s largest HR team, Peninsula had the following to say about Google’s new product: “With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, we now have the ability to easily see the keywords that drive qualified leads. This has allowed us to concentrate efforts in the right areas and make better use of our budget. Since we started using this feature, we’ve seen an 11% decrease in cost per lead as a result of reallocating budgets and decreasing bids on poorly performing keywords that were sitting in top positions.” Currently, Google’s solution will only be available by invite for the next few month, with general availability expected to come later this year. Up until now marketers using Salesforce have been doing this job manually or using other third-party software. I wonder if Google’s introduction will cut the other third-party providers out of the picture.
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