The Great List of Lists: Top 6 lists of the top Dreamforce sessions to match your every need

Ladies, Gentlemen, Dreamforce ’16 goers, this is the post you’re looking for. With DF less than a week away the internet is bursting with articles and posts recommending sessions, keynotes and parties, trying to sort out the massive agenda for those that are uninitiated in the ways of the ‘force.   Problem is, with almost 3000 sessions, even browsing through “top 5” lists can become a much longer task than originally planned…   Well, worry no more! Rainforce is here to make life easier for you. We’ve compiled the definitive list of Dreamforce session recommendations, AKA the great list of lists (hey, if Wikipedia can do it, why can’t we try?). This mega-list is divided into areas of interest, covering most of what people look out for when attending DF. Enjoy!

Sales sessions:

7 Must-See Dreamforce 2016 Sales Sessions


Marketing sessions (B2B & B2C):

Top 10 Marketing Sessions at #Dreamforce16

13 Must-Attend B2B Marketing Sessions at Dreamforce 2016


Customer Service sessions:

Five fantastic customer service sessions at Dreamforce


Startup & Success story sessions:

6 Sessions to Attend to Get Inspired by Startups


User Adoption sessions:

Top 6 Dreamforce ’16 Sessions for Successful Salesforce Adoption


Bonus list: Salesforce Ben’s Ultimate Party Guide!

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