Great Tips for Salesforce Use #1

Weather App (Free App) Salesforce comes with a free app which will show you the weather conditions for your accounts or leads bases upon their city and region. You can tell the weather in a city that is miles away from where you’re situated by a simple click of the mouse button. This information helps you to tailor your messages to fit your target audience needs. For instance, if you want to contact one of your leads in Johannesburg and it is overly hot, you can simply write something like this. “Hi John, sorry, it is extremely hot in Jo’burg, but don’t worry. We have something cool to bring you refreshment…” Of course, such a statement will be a nice ice-breaker, and make it super easy to boost your sales. Aside from that, this free weather tool helps you connect with your target audience at a personal level and that of course will reward you with more loyalty.
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